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TERENCE MURPHY tsmurphy at cs.uiuc.edu
Tue Sep 29 14:39:53 EST 1998

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Peter da Silva <peter at baileynm.com> wrote:

>I don't like the term "free software", because there's a lot of "free
>software" in the PC world that doesn't come with source. No charge,
>unlimited redistribution, just no access to the code. If you go around
>using the term "free software" today you'll confuse people.

Hardly.  The whole Linux army has really beat the proverbial free lunch
vs. free speech analogy to death.  Most Usenet users thoroughly
understand what "free software" means and will get physically nauseous
the next time they have to sit through yet another explanation of the
difference between "libre" and "gratis".

I don't understand why Linuxers think people do NOT understand this.
Rex Ballard talks about this in every freaking message he writes.

And the term "Open Source" is just plain pompous.  And about ten
times more disgusting when it is appended with "(tm)".


Terry Murphy

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