Time Magazine: Man of the Millennium

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Tue Sep 29 15:19:12 EST 1998

Maynard Handley schrieb:
> In article <6ugufa$d19 at panix2.panix.com>, gcf at panix.com (G*rd*n) wrote:
> > amiga at primenet.com says...
> > | > I suggest you do some reading on the subject, and alter your bigoted
> sexist views.
> >
> > larryc at teleport.com (Larry Caldwell):
> > | His view may be sexist, but it is also accurate.  Maybe by the end of the
> > | next millennium, women will have made a more profound contribution to
> > | human culture.
> >
> > I don't see any reason to identify fame with culture.  The
> > average mother has probably contributed more constructively
> > to human culture than all the great generals, politicians,
> > and other puff adders of this millennium or any other put
> > together.  The leading characters of history -- "the sorry
> > register of man's crimes and follies" -- are by and large
> > its leading psychopaths and blowhards.
> Don't tell me, let me guess, you're a believer in social promotion, right?
> Exactly why should I be impressed with the average mother?
> Should I be impressed with the average tree for growing high, or the
> average salt crystal for replicating its structure?
You should.

> Spare me this pious Barney the dinosaur crap.

Maynard, history is not something that is made only by famous leaders, not to a
great extent. These are just the tips of the icebergs moving below the surface
of history. History is really made by outside factors influencing lots of
people, who might by accident find a leader to unite under.

For example, consider Hitler. He is the product of an atmosphere of extremism
and radical nationalist / racist leaders in his childhood and of an atmosphere
of extremism in the Weimar republic. Look at the lot of dictators that there
where besides him and the lot of candidates the could have been *the* dictator
if he hadn't.

History is not some famous guys pulling levers and changing the course the world
steers. The extent to which the people sticking out on their tops are really the
helmsmen of the Icebergs of History(TM) is not always the same and not exactly
clear, normally.

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