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Andy Ylikoski wrote in alt.memetics:

>>I'm thinking more about the political and social environment of our time,
>>and how Leonardo's posthumous cult of personality effects the people who
>>go around picking Men of the Millenium to toss on magazine covers.
>My opinion is that the achievements of American scientists by far
>surpass Leonardo da Vinci.

Remember that comment (I forget whose) about standing on the shoulders
of giants?

We aren't trying to find the guy who saw the furthest.  We're trying
to find the one giant who, considered individually (not based on where
he's standing) lifts up the most.

I'd like to toss two more names into the fray, not because I expect
either of them to win, but because they are AMONG the giants and might
help us identify the greatest one:

Gregor Mendel - discovered the principles of genetics
Anton van Leowenhoeck (sp?) - inventor of the microscope, pioneer of

Oh, and if Gutenberg hasn't been mentioned yet, I'll nominate him.
Not that I am that impressed with evidence of his intellect, but
rather, that he built these huge platforms on the shoulders of every
giant of his time and since (and many before) so that more people
could stand there.  That's gotta count.

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