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>> > >There has been no event that was more influential to so many people as
>> > >the American Revolution.
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>> > Only an American could say that. It looms large in your world, mate.
>> I'd agree with above, having visited the 'States' 7-8 times and lived there
>> for a 3 month period fairly recently.  Most studies (eg. National Geographic)
>> give US citizens the lowest ranking of any OECD country when it comes to
>> general knowledge of the world, and an extraordinary percentage (>10%) of one
>> study sample could not even identify the USA on a map of the planet!
>> Also, the Australian parliment (Reps + Senate) is an amalgm of the Commons
>> for the lower house with the Senate structured on the US model. The
>> Australian High Court is also structured on the US Supreme Court model and
>> has similar powers.  The people who developed the Aussie constitution
>> certainly picked over the US one in fine detail!
>So did those who developed the German one.

You mean the American military governor who "helped" writing it?



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