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>Maynard Handley wrote:
>> For better or worse, most of the significant change of this millenium has
>> been caused by white european males. How do you plan to deny this?
>Well, european males were only important in the second half of this
>millenium. I would strongly suggest that no european tyrant was in any
>coparable order as that of Ghengis Khan, or did anything that important
>or influental. He created a world empire lasting for several centuries,
>opened that to the west (letting people like Marco Polo in and back, and
>write books about the far east). Both the discovery of Amerika (with
>Columbus searching for "El Dorado") and the starting downfall of the
>chinese empire two hundret years later are an effect of his actions.

Djengis Khan -> Tartar Empire -> Grand Duchy of Moscow ->
Imperial russia -> Communism -> Jelsin

Djengis Khan -> The Golden horde(?) -> stopping in spread of
Islam -> Europe still christian

Djengis Khan -> Chines empire -> xenophobia of china -> closing
in of china -> china only saved from colonialism by the Great War
-> Chinese Communism

Djengis Khan -> raid on eastern europe -> less development of
e-europe -> easier conquest by turkes -> 3. european alliance
(1st against Attila, 2nd crusades) -> European Union

Djengis Khan -> voyage by Marco Polo -> wish for gold of Japan
and China -> search for sea route to China -> Rediscovery of
America -> "Pax" Americana.


So Djengis Khan is clearly a worthy candidate for MotM.

How about Aristoteles for man of History? (logic and psyche)

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