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Dear  Budding Neurologist,  this might be part of your aspired future:


>wej3715 at fox.tamu.edu (Walter Eric Johnson) wrote:

>K C Cheng (kccheng at postoffice.idirect.com) wrote:
>: Walter Eric Johnson wrote:
>: > =
>: > K C Cheng (kccheng at postoffice.idirect.com) wrote:
>: > : What's wrong with being a kook so lon as he has that talent and
>: > : knowledge?  It's better being a talented kook than being an ignorant
>: > : dummkopf(dummy)!  Einstein was a kook! =

And so on, ...+
>: > Eric Johnson
>: If that is your definition of a "kook,"  I am not one either. However,
>: don't you think you call me a "kook" in that restricted sense too
>: early?  How do you know I do not wish to contribute  to knowledge? I
>: just said that I have a 10.5 hour video coming out to make it
>: comprehensible to even high school students.    Why you want to jump to
>: conclusions when you don't know enough to esteem me, much less paying me
>: the right esteem you give to Einstein?

1 point for unrealism, 1 for eg.3 imbalances and a bunch for
>: Memory being electromagnetic particles is rather difficult to accept.
>: That's because it's difficult to prove. 
1/100 point for Cheng
>It is very difficult to prove the impossible.
1/100000000000000000000000000000000000000000... point for Eric Johnson

>: That's why it has taken me 20
>: volumes to make it so convincing that one can see  them go in, and see
>: them come out. 

>Please cite any legitimate peer-reviewed journals which back up
>your claims.

Don't forget to cite also legitmate peer-reviewed druid  stones you
carved it in, the legitimate peer-reviewed  strings you knoted the
according message knots into, the legitimate smoke signs you have left
at the usual  peer rewied  Indian places...
Else you cannot seriously expect to be taken serious, and if you were
to babble 460 pages of perfect truth.
Now, as LSD Pope II  I am the Jesus Christie Superstar Uppermost
Legitimater of the Bunch.
I herewith decree and legitimate:

Cheng, thou dost no "see" like Carlos Castaneda means, nor understand
transcending and enlightenment. If thou wert to understand these, thou
mightst also understand the halo around Jesus  and the telepathic
forms of  akasha he used to enter other systems, and also  more  about
how imitating that with technology can  be  one of the  biggest steps
in humanity and one the most dangerous as long as  there are
Eg.3-For-Supersaries on Earth.

Who find that loving others like thyself sucks. 
And that sucking of others for the self is loverly.

Thou are getting close to understanding that there are fields and
little sizzling "points" of akasha, so thou getst  near where  others
started out thousands of years before thy time.

However many here on Earth  have so and not just thy kindred.

The art of understanding what  different wave-forms with different
pressures, different vibration speed of the sizzling points are
meaning for the sectors of the cells, how  the cells within work and
sundry other aspects are  escaping thy too narrow fixed attention,
missing most data  of Earth and bringing thee into Catholic
sense-censored Westie sheep range, which given they name thou mightst
want to consider from  many perspectives.

Eric Johnson:
Thou understandst the brain even less than Cheng in many areas, art
fixed upon thy young group among the spirits of Earth, ignorest
thousands of years old data of other cultures, ignorest hundreds of
thy senses like a Vatican sheep would do, hast not understood why
Cheng is more  honest  in his way than the in thy way,
and yet talkst  as if thou wert  the Creator of Chengs and all brains
and more worthy.

>We can be sure.  Absolute value should be about the value of the
>tapes so we can tape over them.

Though hast not seen  it yet, and  yet judgst the unwise way I did.
 :-) Join the club.      
Thou  shouldst work on they widom more (like me, too;-)

Pop(e) out.

>: So, maybe you all should consider having some people out
>: there doing a comprehensive assessment and tell you that  it's more than
>: your money's worth. =
>You're just trying to sell snake oil. 

You are misjudging Cheng.
He is fanatically convinced of what he does and to me  seems not the
person out for cheating.
To the opposite if someone were to ask me how many hours of work he
has put into the thing, I do not exclude  that the price is low if you
were just seeing the working hours.

Not meaning that what he says  is necessarily something you are into
and agreeing with..

>If you really had something of value, you could publish it in
>the peer-reviewed journals.

Who apart from some Westies would do that?

I know a few who sit on an enticing mound of data that I have been
laying siege to for a while, but alas, they seem about as willing as a
stubborn dragon weighing a ton that you  try to drag by his tail from
the pile to depart with it or at least share the treasure.

Two  I know are studying stuff not to do with neuro, are jobbing at
the same time to finance their flat in Berlin (prices are not that
cheap here) and food, insurance and so on, might go shopping in
between, do the laundry, their mail, bring back stuff to the library,
learn alone or with a friend for a test, work around on some
computerstuff, and maybe play a computer game or see friends when they
finally  have a bit of  time, to  relax at least a bit.

If  you think all are reading whatever it is you are mentioning there,
propaply so stuffed with words of your branch that like with
Scientology, psychology  and the like  you'd have to go for  bunches
of words like learning parts of another language first to even just
get what they talk about there, and then do illogical joinings and
splittings of areas by names, have people names instead of functions
for areas,  notice that some of  the theories are ways off-shot and in
some cases thousands of yeears behind other branches,
and if really sittting on valuable data, a lot might see no reason to
tell  to people of whon they are not even sure that they are far
enough inside.
And giving data to a place where there are people eating mammals,
putting them into cages and  maybe  even cutting around  in their
brain, nearly all  seeming sense-censored, so that you would have to
think to that  restricted level  like talking to blind and people and
constantly remeber that they cannot see, and change all explanations
to that restricted level, ...
might simply be not  to everybody's  taste.

But I  assume that you might be so absorbed in your branch that that
thought has never occurred to you.

You might also not understand the privacy of some of the areas of the
brain well, where even if you were top-guru number one segregation
autist of Earth you might consider something ways too private to

>: I can refund you academics
>: if you're not satisfied that it's proven beyond the slightest scientific
>: doubt.  

Minus one oil bag for Johnson

>Are your thought processes as disorderly as your web pages?

Minus 13 on tact and minus 666 on not thinking the question till the
end why someone might be that fanatically after understanding the

Maybe rather feed people data in simple words explaining  the
complicated ones.

>:... Please do not let skeptism get the best of you. ...
>  So, please wait and see. The proof is the thing in any
>: scientific doctrine.  Whether right or wrong  depends on it. That's why
>: only after, not before, reading and digesting the whole proof should
>: anyone voice an opinion on the electromagnetism of memory, mentation and
>: behavaiur. 

>There are thousands of kooks who are attempting to pass off their
>halucinations as fact.  
Did you read what he said at all?
And how about you tell us what is wrong about what he just said, than
going kooking like you would not know but judge like someone where
what is said is not the topic but personal emotion stuff.

Many  points for Cheng.

> publish your material in legitimate peer-reviewed journals.  
If peers means what I think it means that would not be your branches,
but Chengs, in case he is part of one, legitimated by his group.

But just for fun, so if I were a magician, I puplish to some
peer-reviewed journal of legitimating Grey Magicians?

Lol! Though I doubt you get jokes on higher magic and posting stuff
about it.

What Cheng is trying to say is usually not talked about much in words
but is discussed magically.

And to me  it  seeems rather odd that anyone would even  just try to
discuss magical stuff with too many words.

But knowing you folks after having gotten it eventually that there is
not just the axon stuff, but the magical communication in and between
sectors, you will try to find words for it forever and a day.

>don't expect anyone to bother trying to understand the material.
"Brain: Deactivate unless "MY group" printed upon.
All outside irrelevant.
Go rigid autist mode till then.
All systems set to "ignore".

Anyone thinking anything  else than my goup or me,
with my mentioned broad  perspective of the world and what is, 
is attempting to pass off their hallucinations as fact." 

>Experience rapidly teaches one that someone who is not highly
>knowledgeable about a scientific discipline is extremely unlikely
>to be correct when asserting that the current theories are wrong.

The ones who know nothing about them I often like best.
They are not rotten by  dumb theories, but simply point at their head,
and tell me how deep in from there and what that does there.
Also the sense-censored scientific ones tend to have one of the worst
perception rates of Earth in many things, because of  hundreds of
human senses they might use five.
So though they might hve neat detail data, bigger stuff is often not

So it is possible, that stuff that is screamingly obvious, and where
all you have to do to notice, is a few minutes of "seeing", 
dumb theories are made.

Including this one.

One should thinking that coming to talk about the senses to do with
magic you folks would use the language of magic or something
resembling it.
Instead you try in sense-censored English, wich reminds me of trying
to explain Russian in Chinese, one using Chinese words and the other
using Chinese symbols, having a heated discussion which one is more

If you were bright you'd go to one  of the branches into such stuff
for a looong  time and kind enough to newies,
and  just learn it, and then meet and go on discussing magically.

>: It is incredible that these should be under electromagnetic
>: control.  But, what if I have proven it? Then, it's real---however
>: indredible it may be. =
>You haven't proven anything.  Assertions to the contrary are either
>lies or signs that you have fooled yourself.
>Eric Johnson

So I take it that you understood this real well:

>Please do not let skeptism get the best of you. ...
>  So, please wait and see. The proof is the thing in any
>: scientific doctrine.  Whether right or wrong  depends on it. That's why
>: only after, not before, reading and digesting the whole proof should
>: anyone voice an opinion on the electromagnetism of memory, mentation and
>: behavaiur. 

>Looking at your web pages, I find it incomprehensible that anyone
>could really believe that crap.  It strikes me more as a con game
>to get people who don't know any better to buy the crap.

Several points for not understanding Cheng.
3 for insults, one for repeating at each sentence end, though certain
elegance of style maintained by varying "that"  to "the". 

>Looking at your web page, it is completely obvious that you are
>totally ignorant of anything in the realm of neuroscience. 
Well, as they did not even manage to catch  up with simple basic magic
from several thousands of years ago, that might not matter.
There  are few branches that are making remarks several thousand years
after so many others and then trumpet  it out as THE discovery.

While many shamans and others have been linking via  hundreds and
sometimes far more kilometers for ages, neurology has discovered
recently that there are  different fields in the  brain and is
puzzling about their  meanings.

Now, that's what I call fast.

Not to forget the guy real proud he tortured cats and drugged them
with some plant, and took some folks untrained in  magical dreaming
and measured their brainwaves after they took the drugs and went to
To result from beginning with something like that the sdrug is used
with the body sleeping for medical anazlysing,  finding people and
telepathically communicating via  vast distances to in  that HE
established that there are certain differences in brain energies.

Now, who would have thought that.

Here we are, some of the (second-) greatest feats worked out of humans
of Earth, and someone tortures some cats to come up with some tiny
basic stuff  and needs a machine to perceive energy differences in the
brain of a sleeper.

When I started the article and read the start I first thought he'd go
into how they analyze illnesses. 
And scan for people far away.

Instead  such ... followed.

I do not know how mind-bogglingly dumb one  has to be to have data
about telepathically contacting people hundreds of kilometers away and
magically scanning for illnesses 
basically hopping around you,
to then ignore it 
for that.

For all I know taking neurology and shamans in America neuro is not
very old,, and in a lot  did not get far, and did not do it the fairly
balanced way some others do, but in the most sick way I heard of Earth
of nearly  all branches including most black magic ones.

And  that is hell of a statement over a branch.

>From your web page:
>  Sample pages illustrating the direct transmission of electrons 
>  from peripheral 
Cheng, what are peripheral receptor potentials, how do they come to be

and why are they called peripheral?

>receptor potentials (electrons generated at
>  the site of peripheral stimulation are directly transported)
>  along the nerve pathways all the way up into the central
>  sensorineurons, 
How do they react  inside?

>thus preserving 
>the electromagnetic information 
>  in a stimulus-specific fashion for sensation and memory
>  formation.

Cheng, I somewhere mentioned some candle-flame game telepathically
linked. Maybe try it. Then think about it physically.

>  Insofar as memory goes, it is not something as simple as stating
>  "since light exists in quanta form, memory is also quanta." 
What are the differences and  what is quanta?
>Not only must it be proven that such photons directly enter into the
>  brain to be so sensed,
Why must it be proven?

Lets take some  basic  question,  maye then I get this better:
When you transcend and go for enlightenment, what is that light in
enlightenment of?
Is that what you call photons?

(For me it are all forms of akasha.)

In case it is, I guess enlightenment has  been strived for and
achieved  for spo many thousands of years that you folks do not
really need to prove it.
That would be like setting out to prove that there are pyramids in
Egypt or that cats exist or that humans have made boats for a long
This is thousands of years old stuff.
Sort of magic basics.

> but also has it to be proven 
>that such electromagnetic 
What are the magnetic aspects?
>particles indeed remain 
>as memory capable of being retrieved and recombined into new thoughts, sensory
>controllers of voluntary activities, etc.. 

>460 volumes!

You might want to reconsider the last statement and most other stuff
in the next 460 volumes.
>: How do you suggest I publish videos and 19 volumes in peer reviewed
>: publications?
You just wait decades  longer, folks are  heading there.

>: > Einstein ... Isn't this his first publications:
>  Einstein, A., 1905, "Zur elektroodynamik bewegter Korper", Ann.
>  Phys. (Germany) 17, 891-921.
I'd  guess his  first ones were to friends or himself, maybe in school
in math,  as taken by  the mark he got, he might have had time for
that... ;-)

>  c) Alan Peters... - Neurons and Their Supporting Cells
>  d) Arbib, Erdi, and Szentagothai's book on Neuron Organization

Wish you'd  invest as much time in dropping some short summoning up of

Like  how a neuron is supported
and organizsation(s)?

>To do the work you claim to have done would require a great
>deal of organizational skill just to keep things straight.
>You haven't shown signs of such skill.

Nearly half a thousand  books?
Some videos and so  on?

I guess  you simply never tried  to write that many,
and that is  why you say so.

I wrote two, only published one and for that one I paid with my
life-power and parts of my health.
It was  the main aim of my life. 

I regret this room and  what I perceived of  that consciouness
congress  in  Bremen and the West and some other societies are the way
they are.

Since you make fun of Cheng, let me make fun of you.
Just got stoned + far backgound acid anyway and tried some magic and
feel extremely strange as this was definitely very strange, the sort
that makes  you you make mark it for looong processing of several data
hits at once, but that one seemed to have overloaded me a little, and
since you seem to regard Chen as takeout I guess you do not mind if
others do it  the other way around, too...

...Don't really have the language structurer well online at the
moment,  so the neat  wordies are missing,
but some of what you say sounds mindbogglingly dumb.

This room, taken stupidy level, which as having the Zwischenpruefung
in some Lehramt place expected you to judge children later I should be
able to measure vaguely, aided with Kinder-und Jugenneuropsychiatrie,
mark 2, heehee, is suffering from remarks  that are not that far from
alt, consciounsness, some shaman room are beeing better if in a mood
for wisdom.

Here we are, researchers of the brain, but some in the room
unfortunately even without a MBD getting dangerously near my troll
manners, however acking the the distance of the own I to the egs, ...

Some of the knowing of the Earth though well to be drugged like Frank
likes or forced away from their norm, while some people, who still
censor their censes like Catholic sheep censor their senses,
and  while  discussions elsewhere are running if the healing of Jesus
of the blind and other stuff might have to do with the
yellowshimmering telepathic ranges, if the cube developed in the HHI
(them of course, not even willing to contemplate the thing even one
second for serious) could be altered to different size imitating the
head and the energy  ranges of the cells similar being input there and
try sense-enhanced working on them, find out which are the docking
rangesm program a brain operation machine on that, imitating the own
ones to dock in, and go ALing and dangers of abuse and direct mind and
killings possible and android minds, and something simulating
emotions, in a way I rather don't say here, and weird Science Fiction
thoughts of from there,
here they cut around in other people pretending the Alzheimer data is
simpy irrelevant and that we are not like all the people of  the
mammals there, cutting around in the hippocampus of other people, 
and other gross stuff  that I heard about also in other places,
keeping people in a prison without them having done anything to you,
and saying that you are ever so better by that.

Non of the others would do that to you, just can think of cats a
little, and man-apes and monkeys getting pretty close. Heard some of
rape within some groups of  them and other violence.
THAT is where humans are are so different.

Kiddy into cage room, then into cage school, thatn into cage
university, thne here into cage prison if the males  don't give a year
of their life to power up the ruler-bunch, and  then likely the cage
of some place of work and a shackle called watch around the arm.

Thousands of  years of research, amazing stories about where magic had
stopped here in  the Moonlands, then some Vaticanies coming in, not
talking about Jesus the man and teaching some about how he healed and
doing so, but about some Chistus title, likeTiteltus.
Then the Titeltusten declaring the Jesus Titeltus relgion of loving
your next one like yourself to be fooloed by all by punishment of
death, and the equivalent  of the schools and universities here in
Berlin, the Druids and their knowledge, being extinguised for
centuries, the Christian history books rewriting it into it having
been just some witches,
and maybe from the Vatican haven chosen Rom  to make and have a
Martian point of view, it really mostly were.
Though  I guess the  local history writers should have known.
But then again believing into  some God which is a title, so a title
wihtout name to be there to all the time watch Earth and be ever so
upset if they  were wanking under the blanket,
I guess one might in believe a lot one is told to believe in, 
that is the advantage of taking over education.
Canisiuscolleg in Berlin ahoi.
Though there are least the youth freed itself quite a bit ;-)

And  after dear Title has been in the sky with the taboo to make a
picure of it, that might people think about the being,
then the first of the Westie-science branches starting up again,
after the wars of having lost the druid-mental-healing arts, mentl
healing also trying to be reestablished.

Now one should think, that if my ancestors under Vatican command had
been dumb enough do burn the carriers of  the knowledge  of their
ancestors maybe back to the dawn (pre)human of time of many of the
tribes, that I'd go out to the tribes, and villages, see  that in such
structures people tend  to know each other  better, so that killing
and stealing are rare there, that their cancerrates if out of the
artificial frequency torture enough, are not that high, food and a lot
of other stuff also playing a role,
and might find make mental notes  about that, about no prisons being
there, no bicycles locked, no grannies in homes for old people for
which deceasing fabric might fit more, less or not people really being
mentally seriously imblances,
then might get and idea where Earth's human data is, and start to
build up something from there.

Now, if I have just troped  int all other continents, shot whoever
resisted when I could, grabbed the  riches and  the best land, sucked
in the riches like a leech, of a Vulture on an old 100 DM bill or a 5
DM, lately until recently with a ccabbage crown and a fat belly
sagging down flight, 

And told the own people that since in the other places people don't
kill that much and are more peaceful and might walk around naked
unashamed, instead of going into the water with clothes,
they are real primitive,
then that would suck.

....Continued under LSD Pope...

>: mentation, and behavior. The main tehing is for me to know the relevant
>: to memory and the mind, not to talk about things having nothing to do
>: with the subject. =
>I thought you implied that you understood them.
>: if you want to serioiusly know whether I am a kook or real great one, be
>: more friendly and I might even let you have a preview for nothing.  As
>: said, some universities are already getting them for USE.
>It is up to you to prove your claims -- not to everyone else
>to accept the claims without proof.
>Eric Johnson


To the Budding Neurologist ;-)   :

As you see, people are real busy REing to YOU.  

Regard this whole text to be of the same preciseness.

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