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On 31 Jul 1999 04:21:23 -0400, Allan Adler <ara at>
>I've read and heard some accounts of the use of certain scans of
>human brains. I think they monitory the amount of oxygen used
>by each part of the brain using MRI, but I'm not really sure.
>Using this technique, they have been able to determine which
>parts of the brain "light up" when certain tasks are performed.
>They have also determined differences in the ways the brains of
>people suffering from depression work.
>What I would like to know is whether these techniques have been
>applied to the brains of retarded persons, particularly those
>whose retardation was induced by brain damage suffered at birth.
>I would be interested in reading the relevant literature.
>Allan Adler
I am aware of a scanning tool for cerebral blood flow - SPECT imaging.
Not what you asked about but it may be relevant. Try this link for a
brief explanation:

BTW, as you may know, HBOT for long term brain damage (e.g. CP) is an
unproven therapy and currently the subject  of much debate.
Discussion on this  (and other actual/potential therapies) surfaces
from time to time in; sometimes you can
get a useful link or two (in between the arguments!). 

My interest (as a parent) is in learning and physical disabilities
caused by brain damage from birth asphyxia/hypoglycemia,  and in
potential therapies. I wonder what your ... Oops - sorry, drifting off
topic :)

Dave L

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