science = determinism?

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In bionet.neuroscience Erik Max Francis <max at> wrote:
> kenneth Collins wrote:
> > it's a long story, basically, i've replaced 'QM' with an 'equivalent'
> > theory in which all of the so-called 'forces' are unified, being
> > reduced to
> > the one-way flow of energy from order to disorder that is what's
> > described
> > by 2nd Thermo. it's caled Tapered Harmony.

> Yap yap yap.  It's called crankery.

My Ph.D. mentor called it entropy, I think. In his neurodarwinistic theory
(before Edelman's Neurodarwinism) this played an important role. For
instance, the reticular formation (still alive in those days) was
anatomically and physiologically in a very entropic state compared to
the negentropic, orderly cortex that could carry more information.
(Fortunately, my mentor retired before the ordered circuits of the brain
stem started to be revealed).

Dag Stenberg

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