neural timing and schizophrenia

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Wed Dec 8 06:08:41 EST 1999

Be careful with yourself and with what people think of you (Ken) based on
what you write here in this and other forums.

(I have possibly also burnt bridges by publishing jumbled sentences etc.)

I don't doubt that you feel strongly that what you have integrated from
brain science is powerful and important stuff.

But the problem (for you) is to make others see it in a similar way.

If you appear loopy (or if you are loopy) then it is not improve your

All I have done is to suggest/prompt you with what I believe might help not
just your unusually thorough theory, but you personally.

Please point out precisely what you see as being my malice, if you don't


kenneth Collins <kpaulc at> wrote in message
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> only problem is, Peter, when one can see the =set-up= unfolding with
> deliberately-contrived malice.
> then, a man does what needs to be done, lest his failure to do what needs
to be
> done allows deliberately-contrived malice to become the merely-familiar,
> therefore tacitly-accepted thing.
> good grief! Jackasses have been doing this sort of thing for =decades=
> respect to the work i'm trying to accomplish. i've made a formal study of
> i've probably got more expertise with respect to such than does anyone
else on
> the face of the planet.
> i stand against 'manipulation', especially when it's done with
> deliberate malice.
> last Thursday night i said i was 'going offline'. it was to get some
sleep. i
> got 12 hours. if i sleep more than that, i get a backache. how many more
> of sleep than 12 does a person need?
> then i came back and saw all this B. S. in response to my taking the
chance that
> at least some folks might be ready to go further into NDT's stuff, and i
> 'bush-whacked' by you and others.
> i've learned that when such happens, the best thing to do is to just stand
> against such. if one doesn't one's endeavor gets way-laid, and one has to
> again, from way-back.
> so, if you're just wrong, i forgive you, but what you've done has done no
> 'good', and could not possibly have done any good, and if you're just that
> ignorant, then i'm sorry, i don't want to be 'involved'.
> i work on behalf of the Children, not you, not this or that 'Corporation'
> thinks it has some 'vested interest' in my being this or that.
> i do Science... i wage war on the battlefield of Science.
> if you want to do anything other than Science, i advise you to stay out of
> way.
> ken (K. P. Collins)
> "Sir Knowitall" wrote:
> > kenneth Collins <kpaulc at> wrote in message
> > news:3843ACF6.FA13E8B5 at
> >
> > > it's all 'just' increased 'randomness'... TD E/I(up, up).
> >
> > I have thought of a very simple way of describing (and to begin an
> > evaluation) of your "theoretical focus" (as per above).
> >
> > I.e.:
> > Your focus is out  --- as in "out of focus" *in reference to, or in
> > to,* HOW and WHY nerve-systems and brains work and have been naturally
> > selected to (in most cases) have a capacity to cope with **Hibernation
> > imploring** type life-situations by "selectively/precisely Hibernating
> > storing them" and subsequently by avoiding (through both learnt and
> > instinctive AEVASIVE means and methods of
> > the potential disintegratory and distressful impact if these insidious
> > as if "put" into brains) "CURSES" became too suddenly "thawed" (or
> > reactivated and/or freed) from their "gated" (Hibernatory) state
> > by dedicated/resouce hogging and clogging inhibitory feedback circuits).
> >
> > [CURSES can also be spelled "CCHHKURSSES" whereoff CCHHKUR is short for
> > Conditioned-in Chronically Hibernated, Hence Kept Unconcsious. Near
> > synonyms for CURSES, are: "Pain" (with a capital P), and slowly as well
> > quickly incurred "traumas".]
> >
> > Peter F
> >
> >

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