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Wed Dec 22 22:06:56 EST 1999

'Hard' stuff... but someone's got to 'just do it'.

it's why, a while back, i quoted a line from _The Iron Giant_:

                "I go. You stay. No following."

just now, another line from that Flick comes to mind (from a 'film
within the film'):

              "Darn! A perfectly good brain wasted!"

K[itchen] P[olice] Collins [Ready-and-Willing to do the Dirty-Work that
Needs to be Done... there will be much-more of the same in the New Year.
it's such a Sorrow to be the one upon whom such falls... to 'feel'
folks' 'hatred' be-cause I have, and will, more, take the 'foundations'
out from under the Ignorance that has, for "two" long, prevailed, which
doing has elevated, and will elevate, TD E/I within folks nervous
systems over the relatively-short term.

it'd all have been so much less 'discomfitting' if only the Science
would've been allowed 'normal' communication.

but, hey, _Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid" (which movie i've never seen, but
it's title seems 'appropriate' just now.)]

kenneth Collins wrote:
> kenneth Collins wrote:
> >
> > the Ritalin 'finding', announced yesterday (14Dec99), is verifiably
> > incorrect, so much so that it constitutes Fraud.
> >
> > K. P. Collins
> i've received my copy of the Dec 18 & 25 issue of _Science News_. it
> contains an article that demonstrates that the news accounts (_New York
> Times_ and ABC TV News) upon which i'd based my prior comments, quoted
> above, 'fell far-short of' Truth.
> the _Science News_ article, "Kid's ADHD Care Gets a Wake-up Call",
> reported by B. Bower, p388, can be read at:
> http://www.sciencenews.org/sn_arc99/12_18_99/fob1.htm
> Comments:
> what's referred to as "attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder' (ADHD)
> derives in early-Childhood dynamics in which a Child's experience is
> subjected to relatively-consistent inconsistency (see discussion of
> 'consistent inconsistency' in AoK).
> what happens is that Parents, lacking understanding of how nervous
> systems process-information, and being 'manipulated' via 'modern
> cultural' influences ('advertising', eratic social 'fashion',
> 'keeping-up with the Joneses', etc.), treat their Infants as if they are
> 'things' that are to be 'stifled', through any momentary means that
> falls at hand, rather than as Human Beings that thrive while being
> carefully-nurtured and guided, with consistency, in their development.
> Infants, being the most-awesomely Intelligent Beings on the face of the
> planet (as i've explained in long-former posts), quickly analyze this
> experiential circumstance and discover, in-it, the fact that their
> Parents are treating them as 'things' rather than as Human Beings.
> there's no 'mystery' to this, of itself, Wonderful, analysis that
> Infants' Powerful Intelligences do. the geneticly-'blue-printed' 'tablo
> rasa state' that develops in-utero has, laid-out within it, the ability
> to Recognize departures from 'Humanness'. such departures from
> 'Humanness' elevate TD E/I within Infants' nervous systems in the same,
> but, but be-cause the Infants' nervous systems come into Life free of
> experience-bred prejudice, much-more-powerful, way as is explained in
> AoK (see the "Infant's crying behavior" example, in the section of Ap5
> that discusses hypothalamic function).
> be-cause of this, as the Infants' nervous systems 'strive' to achieve TD
> E/I-minimization, they =Learn= that the consistent-inconsistency that
> they are experiencing is the 'normal' thing.
> what's referred to as 'ADHD' results, subsequently, as the Infants'
> nervous systems do work to 'move toward' the circumstances that have,
> through their actual experience, become the merely-familiar thing...
> consistent-inconsistency.
> that such occurs within the nervous systems of Totally-Innocent Infants,
> renders the Awesome Savagery and NonMercy of 'Abstract Ignorance' (the
> prevailing Ignorance with respect to the manner in which nervous systems
> process-information) readily-observable.
> the Remedy for such Awesome-Savagery is Simple: Educate Parents with
> respect to the manner in which nervous systems process-information.
> in the main, such Education need only address the need for Parents'
> Choosing that with respect to which they will be Consistent (which, of
> course, should include focus upon all the behavioral characteristics
> that they know are useful within Human interactive dynamics), and then
> doing the work inherent in being Consistent with respect to such, rather
> than availing themselves to any momentarily-cheap recourse that's
> at-hand when their Infants' levels of 'stress' increase.
> as is discussed in AoK, Infants 'just' experience the =same= abstract TD
> E/I-minimization dynamics as do Adults. the only 'differences' are that
> Infants experience such much-more profoundly because they exist, within
> the same external environment, but =without= the 'defenses' (automated
> TD E/I-minimization 'strategies'; 'prejudices') that are acquired via
> experience.
> is there anything other than this realization, held in Parents'
> 'hearts', that is necessary in order to imbue Parents with an
> understanding of the Truly-Awesome Responsibility that they bear with
> respect to their Infants' development?
> Nope?
> this's why i've so-consistently spoken-out against recourse to 'drugs'
> with respect to the behavioral dynamics that are referred to as 'ADHD'.
> the 'approach' that relies upon 'drugs' totally-obfuscates the actuality
> of the neural information-processing dynamics that are focussed-upon,
> only =after-the-fact= of Harm's being done to Infant's, to the =GREAT=
> detriment of the Children and Parents that are involved, and through
> them, to the detriment of Society as a whole.
> to large degree, it is the hyper-Insanity of our 'modern' 'social'
> millieux that is the thing that is in-Need of being Remedied, because
> =it= is the Progenitor of the behavioral dynamics with respect to which
> the Children are being 'drugged' into non-Human 'states'.
> that there has been so much 'greed'-driven emphasis of the 'profits' of
> 'drug' manufacturers is about as Sorrow-Filled as Human interactive
> dynamics can get. Ignoring real Human needs, in the name of 'profits' is
> a form of Enslavement.
> discussion of the 'efficacy' of the use of 'stimulants' with respect to
> the behavioral syndrome that is referred to as 'ADHD':
> stimulants' efficacies derive in their elevating TD E/I, which enables
> nervous systems to achieve TD E/I-minimization in ways that differ from
> the experientially-acquired, familiar, consistent-inconsistency that has
> been Learned at the hands of externally-imposed
> consistent-inconsistency.
> the drugs 'work', but at Mighty-Cost 'with respect' to that which the
> Infants and Children, and through-them, Society, could have become.
> Thinking 'with respect' to such, one comes to view the resort to 'drugs'
> in these circumstances as being akin to folks purchasing new
> automobiles, only to immediately, and deliberately, drive them into
> immovable objects, scrape their fenders along guard rails, and beat them
> with sledge hammers, so that they can, then, resort to funding the
> business of auto-body shops, as if that's the 'normal' thing that one is
> 'supposed' to do with new automobiles.
> at any rate, i stand on what i posted about there being Fraud involved
> in the news reports that preceded my prior comments.
> however, i now see that it was the case that the only thing lacking from
> what actually existed in the 'ADHD' study was any actual understanding
> of how nervous systems process-information.
> since Ignorance cannot be construed as constituting 'Fraud', i see that
> the 'Fraud' exists in the 'news reports' which so-blatently-omitted
> Truth with respect to the actual findings of the study (which are
> outlined in the _Science News_ article at the URL given above), that
> they completely, and presumably, deliberately, =Falsify= this matter of
> Science.
> i, therefore, Request both the _New York Times_ and ABC TV News to
> publish Corrections with respect to their prior, profoundly-inadequate
> reports.
> K. P. Collins

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