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Cannabis and Schizophrenia (Was: Economic Benefits of Prohibit (Was: Cannabi

Brian Sandle bsandle at southern.co.nz
Mon Feb 1 07:23:17 EST 1999

A small amount of discussion on this article has been happening on the thread
       Prohibition Did respect for the law slow people's drinking habits?
which is not on bionet.neuroscience.

In talk.politics.drugs Cijadrachon <cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de> wrote:
: I am not sure if the topic is Maori and suicide or undifferentiated
: schizophrenia.

: Simplified:

: I do not know ebnough about Maori, but in my brain I observed that if
: I smoke too much, there are many emotions not "peaking" anymore and
: and impression of "grey fog" and a very limited uptake rate.
: Might be combined with laziness, heightened nervousness and with some
: people with looking around to check if there is nothing (especially if
: having some other hallu-drugs in the background), and in withdrawal
: also with more impatience and faster outbursts of aggressions I find
: resembling those about two days before the period of some women but
: less than one day before.  When stopping and after the 2-4 days of
: withdrawal I tend to have, it is like coming out of a fog, and the
: learning rate  increases a lot.

: Concerning people hallucinating optics  hashish as a telepathic drug
: can of course be used to magically link with the brain needing help 
: and has the advantage that of the sense enhancing drugs THC is not
: causing hallucinations as powerfully as LSD and some others.

: I am not sure if it is wise if the brain trying to get off optical
: hallucinating is taking that, though, maybe just the other one.

: Usually the other brain can learn fast to use that along in the own
: brain to an extent, the same as with a lot of drugs you can give a
: certain access and steering power concerning such to another brain if
: trained a bit in such.

: Maybe in the initial sessions THC could be used by the helper and two
: times maybe Old Dragons or something suited in a similar way on both
: sides, and then the other person should have advanced far enough in
: steering, to work sober with a mirror or with other brains.

: Else there might be something wrong in the teaching or some other
: error.

: However I am not sure how wise it is to link too often to a
: hallucinating brain.

: On cannabis the rebuilding rate does not seem as freaking high as on
: LSD, but I'd be careful how long to help someone hallucating by runing
: links while he does it. 
: Unless being very sure that that is no problem for the own systems.

: If not sure about that, it might be easier to simply show the other
: brain how to steer to different energies till they get it with a
: mirror, and in halucinating phases just to very shortly connect and
: "blink out fast" and then do that a few times and comment the degrees
: of hallucinating of the other brain and pop back to the
: non-hallucinating ranges and keep avoiding telepathic links to the
: other brain till the own ranges have retuned to them well and have
: remained there several minutes or longer.

: Else with some the own brain might go faster and faster with the other
: brain to the hallucinating ranges and need longer and longer to tune
: back to the non-hallucinating ranges.

: If not sure about the danger of that to the own person I suggest to
: find an if necessary train another brain that is less afraid of that
: and is willing to help. Or to invite the hallucinating friend to
: passively link in from the side after yourself linking with the other
: brain and staying on non-hallucinating ranges.

: I do find such less a question of cannabis and more a questions of
: brain energy range knowledge and inner knowledge.

: Telepathic drugs like cannabis might more be regarded as a secondary
: aspect in such.

: Apart from that if for any reason the other wants to hallucinate, you
: might do a freaking brilliant tuning knowledge transfer into the other
: brain  that should enable neat internal energy steering, and then
: notice, that maybe some rather continue to stay afraid 
: of demons or other forces controlling them 
: than feeling own responsibility that they are older and do not have a
: nice partner, enough good friends and a profession they feel well with
: or are proud of  nor do have "the rank in the herd" that seems
: someting better to focus upon than the demon or whatever. 

: (I believe that this might not be what you meant with the question,
: but it is my opinion about the headline.)

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