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To F.Frank LeFever, Ph.D. etc.

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Mon Feb 1 13:52:15 EST 1999

>Sorry for eg.3ing rather unconstructively at times.
>I am not used to taking you serious, unless you quote fact data.
>Reminding me:

>Which drug stuff did you want me on back then exactly?

>How about you tell me, and if I am in the mood I smurf to some 
>chemo-fryer here and tell him your name and that you said that I
>should try that, and that therefore I like to check it out.

>Might be fun and might tell me volumes about your healer smurf
>capacities and your eg.3 over logic dangers to others.

>How about instead of vague words you either apologize for that one
>or tell me exactly which stuff and what it is, into which systems it
>goes, what it does there, what are the damages it does, and then tell
>me what damages that heals?

BTW, I was serious about that.

You know my opinion about you as a healer in still limited for me
still polite form, and a lot the real one you could not even
understand because you do not have the education / the basics for it.
(Apart from that there'd be too much impolite stuff in it.) I figure
if I try that stuff then I see even better how "suited" you are as a

I suspect lovely discussion options might sprout from there.   ;-)=

(And I am already curious if that might be going to be some drowner,
"shut-up-drug" or happy pill or other system disturber, as I somehow
doubt that you just invented the after concussion super drug or some
serious improvement for the form of MBD I have.)

I could go to a local chemo-shrink here and tell him "F.Frank Le
Fever, Ph.D. (etc.) recommended I take ..." and ask him to prescribe
the stuff, my insurance should cover that. I could leave out that you
said it in one of your censoring phases and wanted to shut me up, else
he might not prescribe it and believe you just some immature idiot
from the USA who does not have his rank fighting drives under control.

So what stuff were/are you referring to, and what does it do exactly
in which area(s) and what do you believe that it will improve?

... Unless of course if are whom I rate a coward, and evade standing
to your word or seriously apologizing for your according remarks back

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