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Dental trouble & apnea (lidocaine abstracts)

Brian Sandle bsandle at southern.co.nz
Sat Feb 6 01:36:47 EST 1999

In sci.med.dentistry Doggett Sheryl <sdoggett at f1n06.kent.edu> wrote:
: Brian Sandle (bsandle at southern.co.nz) wrote:
: : I know you said you saw 23 doctors, but there are two things you 
need to be
: : certain to do (if you haven't already). First of all, I would make sure I
: : had a second opinion onthe root canal by a board certified endodontist (root
: : canal specialist)
: : Secondly, you might consider seeing a neurologist about your other
: : complaints.
: : It is possible that the tooth you had the root canal done on may not have
: : been the problem. I have never seen mouth pain refer farther than the
: : sinuses or neck.  You may have had a different problem to begin with.

: I've had & do have pain from the top of the back of my neck all the way
: down to my toes.  As far as I can tell, this is caused by 'slipping' in
: the relationship between my mandible and maxilla as when they 'slip' back
: into place, the pain immediately goes away.  Feels like a joint problem at
: the top of the back of my neck.  the original injury was from 30 minutes
: in an orthodontic surgeon's chair with my mouth open entirely too wide so
: that he could excise my wisdom teeth.  The ligaments streeetch too much.
: Been loose every since.  I'm not blaming the doc - I'm sure he had to open
: my mouth that wide.

: The point:  a person may develop some weird compensatory postures to pain
: that may cause more pain or pain in differnent places.  

I have been looking into the physiology now.

(You might see it on dejanews with some of my other problems!) I reported 
a less sensitive patch under the left ear some while back. I thought it 
might be due to jaw clenching. Now with my facial troubles - possibly the 
fifth or facial nerve - I though that might be an extension of the under 
ear problem. But as far as I can work out at present from Gray's Anatomy 
the under ear nerve come from further down the spine and rises up the neck.

Now I have been gently stretching my neck and things feel a bit better. I 
think the careful stretch and rotation of it may even massage the nerve 
exits from the base of the skull for the fifth nerve too? The face feels a 
bit better.

There is still the pressure which appeared at the time after the roots 
were cleaned out and filler was pushed through the apex of the tooth. I 
am just wondering what effect that has on sleep.

Did I ask whether it is normal to breathe when clenching the jaw? That 
sort of pressure on the maxillo bone may be part of the whole complex 
mechanism of jaw clenching - tooth sharpening aggression. So pressure 
from a tooth on it may say to the nervous system not to breathe.

Then what does happen to the body in sleep? It will not repair so well.

I used to have my computer screen to one side. I had it like that for a 
long time. I did not have a trouble till the dental work. Maybe it is 
that the body is not repairing so well. Now I have shifted the screen 
more straight on. I liked turnign my spine to the left becuase it seemed 
to improved circulation to the left hip. Now I am wondering about such 
things as cerbrospinal pressure and supply to nerves where they exit from 
the spine all the way down. I wonder how much lidocaine would drop 
cerebrospinal pressure when in dental use?

In case there was infection I started using propolis. My chest pains have 
mostly receded. No mouth guard in use at night. I have reduced TV 
watching and orchestral cello playing has started again. It was rather 
uncomfortable for the first few days - only just possible, but maybe the 
movement of the arms helps pump blood around. It was good after a concert 
when I was palying forcefully for some time.

I suppose I will think of something else to say.

I am still wondering whether to keep the root canal molar.

I am to see a neurologist sometime. I wonder if he or she will persuade 
the dentist not to use any more dental injections on me.

Brian Sandle

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