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Dental trouble & apnea (lidocaine abstracts)

Brian Sandle bsandle at southern.co.nz
Sat Feb 6 17:37:02 EST 1999

In sci.med.dentistry Brian Sandle <bsandle at southern.co.nz> wrote:
: In sci.med.dentistry Doggett Sheryl <sdoggett at f1n06.kent.edu> wrote:
: : The point:  a person may develop some weird compensatory postures to pain
: : that may cause more pain or pain in differnent places.  

Does that happen in MS?

I have just had a complaint not to keep this thread on the multiple 
sclerosis newsgroup and that has reminded me of some things I meant 
to say.
Actually a week ago on New Zealand National Radio program `Future 
Indicative' (probably avaible via www) I learned of how a woman 
developed MS after an epidural anesthetic for back injury. That 
made me write about this again. But when I was writing the article 
the system failed and I forgot to include that next time, didn't I?
Though the MS - lidocaine test abstract stayed in.
As well as searching Medline
for multiple and sclerosis and lidocaine, which produces a few 
interesting results and several not too relevant, I searched for 
multiple and sclerosis and sleep and apnea.
I shan't bother you all with another list of abstracts and I think 
it is easier to just do the search rather than type in what I think 
are relevant titles. I shall be interested to see if the same 
people who read the long list of abstracts also do the search and 
whether it is just as time of reader/bandwidth economic. These days 
with cheap memory and fast modems it is probably better to use them 
to save readers time in searching. Maybe you will comment on that.
I was wondering if I had multiple sclerosis. Once before from a 
post to the MS group I learned of unilateral coldness, which I have 
had - in the right leg. It may be something else in my case. I gave 
the wrong hip when I said turning to the left at the computer helps 
it - it is the right one. Is MS ever confused with spinal pressure 
on nerve exiting points?
I felt good this morning. When I woke I found my left chin muscles 
coming back into control. Do you know the feeling when you feel a 
little sad and pucker up the chin? I could only feel it in the 
right side of the face. The left side would only pucher with much 
more force. But now it has started to work much better again. But 
getting on the comnputer again, though I am sitting slightly skew, 
has worsened it slightly.
When it was fairly bad walking out in the street would make it worse.  
So there are a number of troubles I might have.

Apologies for not spelling out all the questions and everything but 
leaving it open ended. Sit and remember and think rather than read? 

Brian Sandle

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