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Dental trouble & apnea (lidocaine abstracts)

Brian Sandle bsandle at southern.co.nz
Mon Feb 8 10:16:47 EST 1999

In sci.med.dentistry nospam at this bear <Nospam at spamfree.net> wrote:
: x-no-archive: yes

:  Once again, I will request politely that you please stop cross posting
: this thread to SIX different news groups. This a tremendous waste of
: bandwidth

There has been some waste as new users have forgotten to trim the long 

But cross posting does not waste. Only one copy is sent around the world. 
If your news server works well you should only see it once.

You should be using a threaded newsreader. Then each thread is like a 
little newsgroup. If you lose interest you don't have to read that thread.

The reason this article is in all those groups is that it started in the 
pain & fibromyalgia groups, had a followup to earlier material of mine which 
had received replies on bionet.neuroscience, is on the sleep disorder 
group because it is asking whether people have considered sleep apnea as 
a cause for their pains, and it of course is asking whether the dentists 
have thought of any connection to their work and sleep disorder - 
troubles occurring after a night or so. It is on the mult-sclerosis group 
since it arose after a radio program on MS following local anesthetic and 
it also hopes to clarify more about MS and locals.

: and has not solicited any interest on the ASSD news group.

Which I find disappointing. I was hoping that someone might go back 
through my articles and say, yes I have had shihn cramps from sleep 
apnea, or neck cramps or whatever. Or maybe ASSD will deny any pains or 
physical effects other than sleepiness from sleep apnea. Though the 
receptionist I spoke to at the local hospital here said it does have 
neurological effects. You might tell me how one knows if one has it if 
one sleeps alone. She said wives mainly report it to husbands.

: suggest respectfully that you restrict this thread to where it
: belongs.....The dental news group

I think it is good to have a little communciation on certain topics from 
time to time. Not every little article has mentioned the sleep disorder, 
but a picture is being formed.

:  You co operation on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Mostly when I get complaints about cross posting it is because some 
individual does not like or is threatened out of comfort by the content.


You are interested in stopping sleep disorders. You may even sucbscribe 
to some profit oriented approach and be disturbed by some new 
non-profit-taking thinking coming in. 

Has anyone tried fish oil for any of the problems? The DHA or some other 
component towards nerve growth?

Then have you had to avoid halibut or even cod liver oil to keep down any 
toxicity of excess vitamin A or D? That might swell joints and press on 

Brian Sandle

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