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Software Souls

Sir Frederick mmcneill at ix.netcom.com
Wed Feb 10 17:44:46 EST 1999

lesterzick at earthlink.net wrote:
> The idea of a soul is an amorphous concept usually relegated to philosophy
> or religion in the hope that it will go away, and a mechanistic brain is
> substituted with the idea that the mind can understand a machine even if
> it cannot understand itself.
> The brain is simply a mechanical foundation for the mind. Whatever the
> mind may be, it must be superimposed on some mechanism. This does not
> suggest that it can be imposed on any mechanism. But it does require some
> mechanical foundation.
> Given the appropriate foundation, however, the mind then becomes a form
> unto itself. This does not mean the mind ceases to utilize a mechanical
> foundation. What it means is that the mind becomes its own cause, using
> the brain for its own purposes in being and not necessarily for the brain's
> purpose in mechanical terms.
> The analogy is to software. The computer is a determinate, mechanistic
> environment, at least in terms of contemporary implementations. The
> software run on a computer requires a mechanical foundation but then uses
> the machine for its own purposes.
> There is no suggestion that computer software is a mind in conscious terms.
> The so-called mind, soul, or spirit implicit in consciousness simply
> realizes itself through the mechanism of the brain and its facilities.
> And just because the brain happens to be a determinate mechanical environment
> does not necessarily imply that the mind superimposed on the brain has to
> be as well. We understand that the rules of logic supposedly employed by
> the brain can routinely be ignored by the mind because the mind has other
> purposes in mind.
> Regards - Lester
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The "mind/soul" is ONLY in your model of how the "brain" is. Both your
own and other's.
In my model my computer has a "soul". Therefore it has a "soul". By
Thus I experience that "soul". I/We do the same with meat machines.
In the case of normal human to human the models/memes are probably 
genetically biased/based.  So we can't just change our "minds". Brain
is not normal. (Computer surgery is.) Therefore I need a model on which
to infer 
your brain states.

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