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To F.Frank LeFever, Ph.D. etc.

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Tue Feb 9 18:12:54 EST 1999

flefever at ix.netcom.com(F. Frank LeFever) wrote:

>Actually, my advice would be for you to STOP takng drugs.
>Indeed, it is insulting to all of us that you post messages composed
>while your faculties are impaired by the drugs you report taking.
>F. LeFever

Error. Dag for example wrote positively about one that I once wrote on
LSD in German to someone.

It had been a very typical LSD post, the starting parts were still on
low LSD, the end I had trouble staying in front of the monitor,
because energy sensitivity had gone too high, my pupils also had
started to gate so too much energy came in, and the main emotion
generators had started to leave human and were going towards

I recall that you were generalizing your personal opinions for lots of
people you do not even know privately and entire rooms before, on
which I joked at some point as I thought that I enjoy quite a
megalomania but even I would not got as far as that.  I found it
insolent that you are daring to speak as if you were speaking also in
my name, though I had quite different attitudes at times.

Concerning LSD you never understood what I do there in the first
You never even managed to understand the Temple of the Mind series.
You asked questions here in this room that if you had understood it
I'd have found plain idiotic.

Though I must say that on a level I find it funny that I write an
instruction aimed for the intelligence of someone stoned in the acid
rooms about how to segregate off other areas in the brain 
and then how to access energies of areas of other brains, and that
there are neuroshrinks who did not even get some basics of the stuff
for which you do not need to be MBD nor need to be very bright in
doing it.

That you did neither stand to your words back then nor apologize for
them fits you. I did not expect it. IMO a good healer before
suggesting drugs would first have asked for MBD reaction differences
and about organ stuff, would have tried to find out what the problems
are, would have asked about what I tried to do about them and what
were the results, about harmless and potentially deadly allergies and
a lot of other stuff. Instead of going for rankfighting stuff that
does not befit a good mental healer  he might have informed me 
what drugs he was thinking about would change in which of my
(in)direct areas, including receptor molecule numbers and if there'd
be effects concerning any filter organs, and if he knows also what
such alterations are causing in areas / bio-programs that are
connected with that and maybe even those "later in the chains".

(Not that I expecteded such levels of  you  for the reply you gave.)

IMO you are not inside far enough for a good mental healer, which with
this one was also confirmed for me  since a good healer, apart from
not making according drug statement for the reasons you did, 
might at least reflect about himself and wisdom-levels there (and
others) to be  not just aspired  but seriously worked upon  
in more than just a fleeting manner
in which some of the people might, who do not have the mental balances
of others by innerly chosen profession depending upon them. 

(BTW, stoned, in order to help you appreciate this Re as deeply as you
tend to.  ;-)

Interesting that after your drug comments here (& "frying")  
you suddenly suggest I should stop drugs that I am researching and
teaching, in other words stop what for me is my profession,
accidentally just after I told you that inside I find you are not far
enough for a mental healer. And are decades from there with mentioned
fleeting manner and many years if you would seriously work on it.

Concerning our work I find it interesting to contemplate that if I
were to train someone in your profession, though not getting far,  
in comparison to you teaching someone in my profession 
I guess the percentage of data I'd surpass you in in comparison  
is showing nicely how much you understand about what I do 
in the first place.

Another nice thingie is that if I wanted to do that, there'd be plenty
of data around about a lot of Westie stuff.

While you could not get at part of the segregation data as part is
very MBD-autist and though there are a few other MBD folks who know
about some of it, there are areas & data where I don't know another
who had accessed. (BTW, in your honour I selected one group of it and
data leading there is being "transscribed with the upcall-blockings"
for deletion. To come back to the topic before... : )

Also within magic I somehow doubt that it would be easy for you to
find a teacher, and even if you did, I suspect that for someone not
MBD direction autist level 6 already might be something pretty hard to
achieve, though MAYBE prestages are possible if finding a teacher who
can segregate far enough while in brain link yet still not too far 
and you'd "hold still" enough  and learned how to hold occipital
link-through, so that your brain could vibe / pattern along the
according internal setting commands / ranges. But  your structure
settings inside might be so different that I am not sure that that
would be possible. And when you came to the point of using the front
the old way for external akasha perception, if you do it too long,
apart from alterations to own I systems  {BTW, [like III and XI] a
gateway to/within magic, dangerous one, who tries for longer check
eg.1 and eg.6 alterations!!!}, there are quite some changes that would
effect what so far I like most in your head, which is what for me is
your front computer.  

Etc. ... (Long list, part outside any vocabulary I know.)

Why do you not list the deed and say directly what you do not like,
instead of keeping it vague the way someone might who does not have
the wits to say where the errors are and correct them.

>it is insulting ... that you post messages composed
>while your faculties are impaired by the drugs you report taking.

Actually it had been meant as a gift to you  that cost me lifepower 
in front of this monitor  that I took a trip of a sort where there are
only very few in existence for all I know  to ponder some of the whats
and wheres to do with some areas at that point far enough apart that
that was easier. Also that I later spent time to make a more sober
summoning up of some of the results for you in a style of which I
believed that might be easier for you. :-(
And made internal recordings of several results that I did not want to
discuss here but had thought that if you had turned out to have
changed maybe privately if we ever should have happened to meet and I
liked you enough for that again by that point and you'd have sworn
that that does not go on the costs of any other mammal or bird or
person of another race I could have told you stuff about as long as
you had not insisted upon your irxtlwrrkses. 
A lot of that should be easy to "delete", as I thought that "what
where" stuff as minbogglingly ... as if someone had wondered if there
are two lines on the hand and I'd have looked at it and written him
that there are some more, that some are connected or intersecting, ...
and inside thinking about the joke of someone not seeing the forest
because of all the trees (nor the forest subatomically), 
and running silent jokes on people wondering if 
electrons are matter or energy and about their what and where aspects.

Occipital link-through is so basic stuff for me, and the desription
for such in the Temple of the Mind posts had been kept on such a
primitive level, 
and when LSD goes down and I get trouble to hold the link and have to
ask the other to focus there to be giving me channels there, the
ensuing whata-where changes are so blatantly obvious, 
that when you asked about that what/where stuff  I wondered about your
mental faculties, too.

But if you had meant that that would have meant that as a healer you
are so utterly bad that such telepathic basics you did not get yet,
and there was not much point on hopping around your mental faculties, 
as someone like you (if not a hallucinator) should have the faculties
to learn such from some LSD teacher like me within a few hours, 
so it can't be the faculties.

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