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Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Tue Feb 9 22:37:14 EST 1999

(Skip  to certain folks.)
>> Why do we experience Life from this body and no
>>other body? 
Why am I not stinking rich? Why can't I magix me monopoly money into
wished for currencies? Why do I not have tentacles sprouting from my
head and calamari fans after me? 

>> What is so unique in your body, which
>>is EXCLUSIVE (You), and does NOT exist in any other
All my akasha structures together.

(But if you are referring to me myself I am not in the body but sort
of pretty limbic. ;-)

>>If we had a machine that could make a perfect
>>duplicate of you, atom for atom, 
I'd prefer if you'd copy all my akasha, and rather all at once than
atom for atom. Else I might fight the attempt.
>>would you only experience Life from your original body, or both
>>your original and your duplicate bodies?

I am nor sure what you mean with experiencing life,
so a chance the answer that it depends on if we are close together or
far apart and if we are on reflective range seeing or transcending
range "seeing" or on special link forms.

>> The closest to a duplicate of a person is identical
>>twins.  They have identical genes, but each of the
>>twins experience Life from his/her own body, and not
>>both bodies.
(I never met twins fully identical. Also inside different experiences
can cause structure differences.)

>But I can say some words in light of
>what we know from science.

For example how much science understands about light subatomically
regarded?  In the universe?

>We're slowly discovering, through neuroscience, that
>the answers to some questions about identity are deceptively
>simpler than we think.

Not sure why neuro is relevant there, but I did not track what they
were up to lately for serious, so I do not know.

But then again I guess for serious questions like this I'd turn to
people where I can I area energies link a bit, so that at least I know
that the other one is understanding to an extent what we are
discussing in the first place.  Maybe some figure that that is too
private for public discussion?
I mean thre are people discussing their sex life across the net as
well, but I'd say the number who don't or just with a few is higher.

>In the Journal for Consciousness Studies (Vol 4, No 5/6 1997)
>a very interesting article by V. S. Ramachandran (the same
>of the "phantom limbs") shed some light on what it is to
>be "you".

(Well, literally if there had been some Ramachandran I'd have linked I
energies with I'd sure recall that.  And since he is of different
akasha he can be my I areas.)

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