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Emotional Change

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Tue Feb 9 22:35:54 EST 1999

(SKIP  to certain people)

(This is more a joke, as with people on meds I do not like this : )
>Though much better, I am still a complete basket case.
No problem, you come to Berlin, and I brainwash you on LSD then maybe
you are less the old basket case and more a different new basket case.

If you collect the baskets, in the end there might be some interesting
collection to learn from.

I doubt it is healthy (not just referring to average effects) 
and I don't regard it as my problem to organize the LSD for it, but if
there is enough that the pupils later go full and then 1/3 more in the
other and 2/3 more in me, then I can perceive some stuff that most
humans cannot, because then I tend to be "on the autist side".
If I alter energies enough in your brain that I can communicate
energies a little with areas in your head, I can also tell you about
some differences to a load of other brains.

If you want to mend baskets more healthily if others believe that you
will not blab their data on to the wrong people and trust you enough
for that, they might tell you about basket problems and mending ways
they figured out, only as their basket might be different not all that
was neat for theirs might be neat to fix yours; though one might still
learn a lot from it.

With the seizures maybe go to a place with as little artificial ranges
as possible and watch how often you have them there.

When I damaged my brain it used to stay more sensitive for long but
then that would go down again.

There is a very fast rate of minutes, then one of hours, one of ten
days (concussion - ligh signals) , and one of over a year (concussion
- tone signals).  (Signals in a certain (time) distance sort of
overlaying with internal signal rhythm and that went too high.)

> multiple temporal seizures, 
(About that I do not know.)
>I'm on seizure meds,
What effects do they cause?

>During the period when I could not get help, my emotions suddenly
>snapped and I became very different mentally and emotionally and suffered
>many very weird symptoms. 
That's too vague.

>Events with high emotional content, whether happy or sad, can cause me to
>break down. My thinking almost seems it's at the preconscious level. I'm
>aware of this, but can't seem to get back to where I was. Today I still feel
>something is wrong within my head.... I talk with a shrink and he keeps thinking 
>I have some organic problem.
>For some time I have thought that the sinus infection might have spread
>into my brain or my brain was affected by two years of multiple seizures
>every day. I've read where this can cause brain damage. 

I tell you a tale: Once upon a time there was a system (with many
sub-systems, and not just one of them conscious) that for a while
produced on different levels and adapted to that.
Because there were some damages to its sectors there were also
restructurings in the internal pathways and sector balances altered.
Instead of accepting what is and making something to be content of it,
the system kept being discontent  because it wanted to have what it
once had.   And if it did not die it might still be discontent.

End of tale.

BTW, success, natural testosterone and maybe DHEA and different inputs
might cause more (also hardware) powering up 
than being worried and maybe kicking out a load of cortisol.

> Any thoughts would be appreciated.
For serious stuff see near start (part about 1  1/3  & 1  2/3).

Good luck.


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