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Challenge to Cijadracon!!!

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Thu Feb 11 17:57:58 EST 1999


"Tim Tillman" <tillman at ithink.net> wrote:

>I get the impression that you are very much INTO "psychic" phenomenon. 

What is "psychic?"?

> What scientific proof can be offered for telepathic ability in humans or any
>other organism on this planet?

I guess you better ask a scientist that.
I was not even aware that they had stopped their belief that it is
better to let the according structures "rot" in their babies and try
to reduce themseles to five senses.
Had teneded to rate them even below Catholics and some other
Christians in magic understanding.

Actually I do not even get why you ask me that, 
I pretty much stated what I wanted to state here in the Student and
Journeyman into the Temple of the Mind posts, and if there is stuff
that is not contained in them, then maybe simply assume that either I
do not want to discuss that here or I do not know.

For most other organisms (already odd way of thinking for me; do you
really believe any human tried for all insects, fish and other
organism of Earth?) you better ask someone who had kept the baby
programs and was not sense censored by the own parents or someone very
good in tuning. 

But I somehow doubt that they would teach you so you can run science
stuff on others. And so once the science Westies get it, maybe have
stuff in the own brain accessed via satellite.

People with your attitudes, 
for example towards any other organism on this planet, 
might not be something many magicians have an interest to share the
own brain with and allow the other brain to transcopy itself magic
data from own external systems.
Maybe you simply do not get well enough what it means for systems in
the own head to allow such, and therefore treat magic like some public
bazaar thingie.

If your culture finds it such, then seek yourself someone there for
your stuff.

If your culture has such a good moral education system so all can get
access to magic data no problem for others,
then it sure is no problem for you to find yourself teachers who do
find you inside far enough to want to share inside with you.

I assume more that you challenge me because your eduction system was
too shitty to teach you about telepathy and no one wanted you in the
own head for telepathy and now you try this way.

Bad luck, dude, I am an LSD teacher. 
For people who are into the serious use of LSD and some others
I like enough.
I am not your circus clown.

If you want science stuff turn to science, 
if you want Church stuff turn to Churches,
if you want LSD stuff, get enough,
and if you want me to teach you anything about it,
then get here and tell me what I have from teaching you.

If you want an advice: Forget about it.

(If real urgent not for science but for yourself some day make joints
of good hash and try to get me real stoned, best three days after I
took a trip, inconspicuously plant yourself about 1.40 opposite to me
and line up all the chakra areas, target your eye-nerves and third eye
at mine, take in all "points" in the room in parallel and try to take
me in least of all, and try to stop axon activity and go down as far
as you can with own energies.
I am not sure if I could resist trying to vampiring into part of your
shareware's energies. And if I were to do it and you'd try to ignore
me most and take in the right and left outermost meters for both our
brains, and keep like said before, that'd be hell's tempting for me.

Most brains are too lazy to hold that one for a while, but I like that
one very very much.

And THC is too weak for me to transfer much, so I do not consider such
as that dangerous concerning abuse.

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