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Off topic, question thingie about assumed herd selecting alpha anmimal(s). (Heil meine Fuehrer! ;-)

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Thu Feb 11 17:57:45 EST 1999

(SKIP if not interested.)

From: mmclure at rhsmith.umd.edu
X-Lotus-FromDomain: BMGT
To: cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de (Cijadrachon)
Date: Fri, 5 Feb 1999 14:24:44 -0500
Subject: Neuroscience

Dear Cijadrachon,

We are researchers in the Decision and Information Technology
Department at the University of Maryland.  We are interested in how
virtual groups compare to traditional, face to face groups.  Our
interest is purely academic and founded in principles of research, and
we would truly appreciate your voluntary participation in this study.
The survey consists of only 7 questions, and should not take long to
complete.  We are interested in investigating how the
Internet is a critical tool for communication and collaboration, and
is constructively changing how people interact.

You were chosen specifically for this study because of your recent
participation in the bionet.neuroscience Newsgroup.  Your answers are
strictly confidential, voluntary and will be used solely for academic
research.  Please help us by answering the following short survey
about your newsgroup, and reply via e-mail to the sending address
(mmclure at rhsmith.umd.edu).  Although this short survey will require
some thought on your behalf, we think that it might be fun,
interesting and 

help you to understand 

the role that Newsgroups play in your life.

{Ukuk, we herd, there alpha animal(s)?

... Thanks for HELPING me so kindly to understand.} 

We will gladly make the study results available to you (please
indicate at end of survey).  Your participation in this study is
voluntary and solely consists of filling out the attached survey.  You
may drop out of participation at any time without any consequences.

{How gracious.}

We are very aware of the SPAM problem, and do not intend this to be in
any way offensive.  

{It slightly offended my intellect, and that though it is currently
real low. But I thought some of it quite funny; reminded me of
Humphrey explaining the Prime Minister how to alter the outcome of
such questionings run before votes to alter the outcome different
ways, so that the vote results could be altered.}

This will be the only message that we send, and we would like to
apologize in advance to those who find this inappropriate.

{The sending was O.K., just trying to force herd and alpha animal
thinking not. Some sounded to me like male teeny or Westie faculty

Thank you for your time and attention, and we truly appreciate your

(1). ___How long, in months, have you been a member of this Newsgroup?

(2) ___How would you rate your level of expertise of the group's
subject matter?
     Novice 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Expert

The following questions are open-ended, so you fill in your own
responses. These questions will require some thought, but please try
to give as many responses as you can.

{...Actually till my death I could think of more interesting stuff,
apart from that by then I might still be far from giving all responses
I can... }

(3).  One aspect of regular groups is the development of a group
identity. Similar to individual identity, or "Who am I", 
{Odd for me someone would stick those together like this.}
people belonging to groups also have an understanding of "who we are"
as a group.

{Might be doing errors in translation, as for me the main I areas ARE
WHOs, and therefore "who am I" sounds strange.
There is no discerning between headblinds and some with partial
internal pereption.
Therefore I do not understand if you mean usual people who do not
understand much about the I/who areas, neuros who might slice around
in those of people of other races they murdered,
or brainsurfers, and with brainsurfers access power depending on MBD
degree, "internal settings" or/and drugs used might differ very much.
But I take it that it means most people do not know who their I areas
are, when guessing might do major errors and that that is equivalent
to their understanding of "who we are" as a group.}

To give an example, we will give some responses about participation in
the D&IT department here at the University of Maryland: we are
researchers, we are teachers, we are committed to academic excellence,

{Are you?}
we are committed to understanding the impact of technology on social
systems, we are a professional group.

What kind of group are you? 

{A pretty limbic one. :-)  
Apart from that I never knew much about that in the first place and of
that little deleted part in the feud with someone,  mistaking you on
intention such needs a sub-segregator, they have more data, but those
I met who had the power to subsegregate more I know usually did not
seem to do that. 
I know that longer own-I off-segregation is already quite dangerous
and that is without subsegregating to get data about the group of
sectors one is.)

Please give up to five responses that answer the question "Who are we
as a Newsgroup?"

{Error in the question. I regard my areas are not mainly a newsgroup,
though my areas process a lot.
So the question is wrong for me and I'd have warp basics in order to
get an anwer that would fit your question the way you mean it.

Maybe you generalize too much.

Or maybe I regard a newsgroup as to do with the headline primarily and
only after that with the people in there.   Though there were some AOL
rooms that for me had more to do with certain people.}

{The next made me think of D&D and errors if I compared it to that.
Same going for taking several other groups.}

(4). Another characteristic of face to face groups is a sense of
Goals show what the group is trying to achieve, and provide direction
for the group.  Going back to our D&IT group example: our goal is to
advance understanding, 

{Good luck! 
... Maybe start with perceiving more what is and not assuming that
something is and then making questions to others upon that base 
and getting part of your "reality perception" from that. 
If you have others like that they might follow wrong concepts 
and upon that  echo back errors  for you as confirmation.}

our goal is to teach and educate students,
{ O-ou  8-(  }
our goal is to publish and circulate new ideas, our goal is to train
new Ph.D. students in the field, our goal is discovery and

What are the goals of the group? Please give up to five responses that
answer the question "What do we do as a Newsgroup?"

(5). Group activity is usually coordinated by norms (similar to
informal rules of conduct).  These norms provide guidelines for the
type of behavior that is appropriate for the group.  Examples in our
academic group are: we are courteous, we do not take the work of
others without proper citation, we do not take advantage of study
participants nor students, we treat people ethically and fairly, we
help and support each other.

What are the norms or rules of the group?  Please give up to five
responses that answer the question "How do we do things in our

(6) In face to face groups, trust between group members is important
for achieving group goals.  For example, group members may trust each
other, they may trust the information/work provided by other members,
or they may just trust a few other group members.  How would you
describe the role of trust in the newsgroup?  Is trust important in an
electronic environment?

{Dear herd member, please ukuk thy alpha animal(s):}

(7). Groups typically have leaders that help guide the group.
Research in face to face groups has shown that groups operate better
when they have active and competent leaders. We are interested in the
specific research question of whether leaders emerge in electronic
groups, and if group members collectively recognize a set of leaders.

Please identify 3 group members who are leaders of the Newsgroup by
indicating either their name or e-mail address.

{So I get around the fun of getting data about ukuk results?  :-(   !
Thou art spoiling part of thy afore announced fun-stuff considerably.}


We would love to hear any additional comments about why you
participate in Newsgroups:

{;-) :  People should not meet other humans in person and just have
cyber-relations, have no off-sping and all sit isolated in their rooms
in front of monitors and get food produced and delivered via machines.
That way nature can harmonize better than when they go out themselves.
And many can channel their war drives more to e-wars.

Of course the newsgroups
"The-art-of-avoiding-intelligence", "Jesus-Christ-Superstar",
"Du-mich-auch", "verbal-diarhoea", "Spook.out", 
"666","999", "Want-to-be-different.Have-a-group-for-me-for-that?"

and some others, regardless what it is about,
I just visit all exactly for the same reasons.}

Would you like a copy of the survey results sent to your e-mail (Yes
or No)___

Thank you very much for your participation, you have been 

a critical help 

to our research, and we appreciate your effort.

{I bathe in the appreciation.}

Prof. Samer Faraj & Molly McLure Wasko
D&IT Department U.Md, USA
sfaraj at rhsmith.umd.edu
mmclure at rhsmith.umd.edu

{You are very different to me to use "sincerely" there.}

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