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The Effects of Time on Medicine and Science

ATeasd5941 ateasd5941 at aol.com
Sat Feb 13 07:22:45 EST 1999

In medicine "time" is always that factor that brings closer
the sheer horror of someone else's undertaking, as well
as your own, and is also a reminder of how fragile mankind is.
Carol T (1999)

"Self Sufficient fools, I call those who impose their
 judgments of what 'ought' to be on Nature instead 
of trying to learn and understand what is, and to
learn wisdom from it."

(Profesor C. F. Fitzgerald, Fellow of Trinity College Dublin.)

"What Fitzgerald  thought to be right was pretty sure to
turn out right in the long run.
(Sir W. Ramsay 1901)

On a scale of 1 -100
 0=ignorance (the begining of time) 100 = destructive knowledge (the end of

Where would you place mankind and why? Keep in mind that we already
know of the developments in the thousands of years that have gone. If
we don't have the same to come then it's 100% certain that we are
past 50 on the scale.

Can we move back down the scale? How can you stop us getting to 100
on the scale? 

Carol T
To a greater species who would considered time in relation to the 
begining and the end of mankind, we may be considered as the most
dangerous generation. 

Whilst we gained knowledge and insight into the workings of life, we
have lost the philosophy and faith needed to deal with it. 

It is in essence, the difference between a child and an adult driving a

Carol T
1= scientist    2= substance     3 = time     4 = enthusiatic sales   5 = Why?

6 = science  

1 + 2  = therapy = big profits

1+ 2 + 4 = Disasters ( eg Thalidomide)

1 + 2 + 3 = truth = low profits, big personal rewards.

5 = 0 X 3     ( must not effect the outcome of 1 + 2)

Yet 5 may be the one thing that 1 wanted to know

5 + 1 = 6  

Ahhh, but that's not what it's really about is it ?  $$$$$ (and pounds)
Man adapts to his environment with the passing of time through
the ' many' generations.

Natures natural medicines adapt with the passage of time through
the 'many' generations.

Mans' synthetic medicine?????

Todays therapy could become another generation's poisons

Can man effect the subtle changes required by time?

Does your  vision go into the future ?

Are you presumptuous enough to believe that what you have
today is the panacea for other generations?

Our power over our own health is more destructive now
 than in any other generation. 

Carol T

Unless people learn to see their part in the existance of time
as more than the generation they are in,  then there will never
be cures. 

Carol T

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