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Challenge to Cijadracon!!!

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Sat Feb 13 17:04:11 EST 1999


... I believe I did mention before that I do not have internet access.

>Prove psychic phemomenon to these guys and earn a cool million dollars.

READ my last message.

You are making little sense to me. I said before that I do not know
what "psychic" is.

Therefore I conclude that you are nerding.

Forget about the THC bit.

...But I'll do you the favour and look "psychic" up in the dictionary:

Psychisch, seelisch(-geistig), spiritistisch, uebersinnlich.

As am LSD teacher I of course have to do with the first to an extent,
I do not believe into the second and for that people better turn to a
priest or someone like that, the third does not sound like an
originally German term and I am not sure if it translates to some
Esoterics of the credoergosum branch or to people using medium powers
for communication with spirits (and in both cases I'd assume someone
wanting to do with that would turn to people into that)
and the fourth does not make sense to me, sounds like some esoterics

So much for that.

None of this makes sense to me with your sentence.

I suggest if you feel to prove your "psychic", whatever you mean by
that, to people, you do so yourself.

Rarely met people idiotic enough to come up with some word another of
another land does not know, and insist the other should prove it.

But then again I rarely met people idiotic enough to confuse me with
some Westie scientist or whatever it is that you are confusing me with
there in the first place.

In the hope that you get it into your head somehow:

I often worked as LSD teacher. Sort of main profession.
I teach people about not psycho-crashing on trips.
And usually make deals with them that if they sort go subsystem to me
and sort of let me borrow into the akasha of their systems, they will
gain knowledge about "seeing" and some other stuff.
In other words I usually don't get money (though often other stuff of
value), but maybe wrongly expressed  they pay me with their brain.
Some also allow me to (ab)use their systems for tests.

Currently I am not sure if it would be wise to LSD teach many, as I am
running some experiment that is to do with someone liking to
hallucinate on trips while we are linked, which I frear has been
warping part of my powers to discern between non-hallucinating and
hallucinating ranges. There is someone who could teach me about such, 
whom when he has more time again in some months I might nag,
and maybe I will find some own ways to feel better about teaching
others again or just warn people about risks, but with serious magic
starter training maybe for people not doing it just once it might be
less risk.

So currently even if you had not been just nerding about your psychic
stuff, but had gotten here, done a lawyer's contract that I get half
of your million if I teach you the starts to some stuff and then
instruct you what to train (if that is like Tom Schuelers magic Randy
stuff likely many years) to get at it, 
the dangers to you might be considerably high.

If you had had bad luck, the results of such might not have been worth
half the million to you. 

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