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For every one scientist who dabbles in genetics

Harvey E Harte hrv at home.com
Mon Feb 15 19:00:42 EST 1999

    ?  1000's of scientists or ??
    Well, well, well; no freedom of will, speech, or making choices--or even
knowing anything.  The 'Lord' of the bible apparently wanted obedient minds and
bodies and ignorance to pervade his 'Eden'.  Sorta' like heaven where lions roam
the streets and don't defecate or screw-----????????????????? and sorta' stupid for
this omniscient turkey to create a 'man' with brains!!!!!!!!
    Sorta' reminiscient of the hypocrisy in the peace spouting Koran about Jeews
and Xians who ought to 'burn in hellfire forever' or words to that effect.


ATeasd5941 wrote:

> For every one scientist who dabbles in genetics, eventually thousands will
> suffer or die. They behave like a donkeys with carrots dangling in front of
> their noses, blindly chasing with no real aim or achievement. Left to its own
> devices the donkey would run over a cliff because he doesn't stop to take a
> wider view of the World.
> It's a selfish science developing on the promise of good health for a few. Its
> real end has the potential to take the life, health, or grossly alter the forms
> of a multitude.
> It's quite apt you know that Genesis and genetics share so many letters, the
> philosophy behind science has been there since the "beginning".
> Genesis 2:16 .
> Carol T.

  Harvey E Harte
 (free speech proponent)
 Victoria, Canada
 homepage: http://www.members.home.net/hrv/index.htm

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