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This is a neuroscience newsgroup!!!

F. Frank LeFever flefever at ix.netcom.com
Thu Feb 18 12:58:20 EST 1999

In <7ag6kl$k83$1 at news1.tc.umn.edu> ebau0002 at tc.umn.SPAMNOT.edu (Jason
Ebaugh) writes: 
>What does the group think of posts that are definitly related to
>neuro-biology but not so much neuroscience in a strict chemical,
>synapse, curciuts kind of way. I mean specificaly the threqads on
>non-human empathy and dolphin intelligence. They have been some of the
>most active threads on this group.
>Just curious what peoples opinions are.

Nothing wrong, in principle; but the devil is in the details.

Discussions about things people know nothing about are always the most
popular. (Opinions are like u-no-what: everybody has one)

 Except for an occasional nut case, no one replies to a more
substantive or technical query or comment unless he or she knows
something about the subject.

F. LeFever

>Edward Justin Modestino <ejmodest at sas.upenn.edu> wrote:
>>This is a neuroscience newsgroup designed to allow neuroscientists
>>enthusiasts to pool resources, share information, network and get
>>from fellow neuroscientists.  This is not a newsgroup to discuss
>>and philosophical arguments that are not directly related to
>>Bioethics, religion, philosophy and several cult followings have
their own
>>newsgroups, chat sites and web postings.  Please refer to these if
you wish
>>to discuss anything that is not about neuroscience or conducting
>>neuroscience.  Certain individuals have been using this forum
>>inappropriately to voice their religious delusions and cult beliefs.
>>enough, nothing that these people mention has any relevance to
>>neuroscience. Their behavior is pathological.  Perhaps we could
>>theoretical neurobiology and their personal brain chemistry.  Perhaps
>>have excessive dopamine and serotonin in a certain pathways in their
>>brains.  This is relevant to neuroscience!!  However, please refer to
>>newsgroups, chat rooms and web postings to discuss anything that is
>>neuroscience.  I promise that I personally will do the same from now
>>Ed Modestino

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