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For every one scientist who dabbles in genetics

Edward Justin Modestino ejmodest at sas.upenn.edu
Wed Feb 17 21:10:56 EST 1999

Carol T.,
as usual you make little sense!!  I never said everything was free in Europe.  I do
not feel sorry for myself.  I was stating a fact about my financial situation with
regards to your ignorant comment about my financial package.  My learning in
philosophy and religion courses has not been rote, I have integrate many practices,
concepts and understandings into my own life.  I have an undergraduate degree from
Harvard and probably will graduate with my general master's this spring and an
advanced master's, just below a doctorate next year.  I am open minded and open to
the possibilities of my own misconceptions and unexpected events and discoveries in
my own career; differing from rote education.  I am also aware that there are many
things that I do not know, science does not know, mankind does not know, and what
YOU DO NOT KNOW!  Unfortunately, you misinterpret everything I say purposefully as
part of your delusional system.  I am well versed in the Bible.  However, this does
not mean that I agree with all the philosophy contained in it or believe it is the
word of GOD. You make little sense.  I know that no matter what I say you will
disagree despite any evidence to the contrary.  I am very sorry that government
funding pays course tuition for U.K. citizens.   It is not my fault.  I am very
sorry that the British pound is equivalent to 1/3 of a U.S. dollar.  I am very
sorry that tuition for most colleges in the U.S. is approximately thirty-thousand
dollars a year.  This means it is the equivalent to ninety thousand British
pounds.  University of Oxford charges three thousand pounds per year that is paid
by U.K. government funds.  I am sorry if the University of Oxford web site is in a
conspiracy against you and your beliefs.  This is not my fault and has nothing to
do with me.  You were the one who brought up British students debt.  I do not know
why you are telling me not to think about them.  I wasn't, you brought it up.  My
you are a daft git.  You purposely told me not to respond.  I will now tell you not
to respond.  I will not provide psychotherapy to you.  Go cathect onto someone
else. I bet you don't have the will power to refrain from responding to me.  Prove
to me that you are not delusional by not responding.  I think you love having
someone to argue with.  You disagree just to disagree.  This follows your delusions
about being persecuted.  Please seek psychiatric care.  I am a licensed counselor.
I can legally diagnose mental illness according to U.S. law.  Maybe you should
consider the possibility that I am right!!
Ed Modestino
Harvard University
M.Phil. candidate University of Pennsylvania

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