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For every one scientist who dabbles in genetics

ATeasd5941 ateasd5941 at aol.com
Wed Feb 17 20:32:09 EST 1999

In a message dated 16/02/99 23:30:07 GMT, you write:

You avoided the book issue nicely and I don't ever remember insulting _you_. I
have a child almost university age, and I know that parents have to pay out if
the parent earns over a set amount. Perhaps they don't quite term it tuition
fees, but life over here is not as "free" as you think.  I wonder, out of
comparable towns of America and Britain who has the higher % go on to
university, think about that one.  You really should stop feeling sorry for
yourself, some people don't even get to do just one year at university. Try
seeing it as a gift of education instead. 

When you wrote to my e-mail you told me that you had done many courses in
philosophy and religion.

Well when you get older you will realise that there is a difference between
learning by rote and thinking for yourself. 1000's of students can sit in a
room learning philosophy, that class may turn out one philosopher. Just as
1000's of students can take art classes, only one or two will become masters of
the craft. Great philosophers respect that the philosophy of the Bible is firm,
it does not mean that they are Christians or Jews. 

I had said to you It's a  little shallow of your university to teach you a
science, and not offer you  other help to cope with what you could go on to

You were very quick to misinterpret this sentence try re-reading it and you may
realise that I wasn't talking about class materials. 

The other thing is if you had learnt such a lot, you would realise how little
you actually know. And if you take that as an insult I am not 
casting aspersions on your intelligence, or on what you have learnt to date.
Try asking one of your university lecturers if I'm right on that score. 

>>>>>You are definitely psychotic!!

Please get on with your work and don't write to me again until you have
finished your degree. Then you can gladly insult me all you 
like, I will still be around. Now though you need to get on with your work I
think. Try not to mind what's going on with other students in other places it
will help you to settle. 

Carol T

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