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machine brains

Bloxy's Bloxy's at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 18 23:01:32 EST 1999

In article <36CC3F58.86F136B6 at mich.com>, Michael Edelman <mje at mich.com> wrote:
>Ray Scanlon wrote:
>> ..."Thinking" occurs in mammals. It is the interpolation of extra synaptic
>> events between sensory input and motor output. ....) Don't waste time talking
>> about our
>> awareness of the brain's thoughts. That belongs to religion.

Oh, oh, oh.
If YOU are blind as a donkey ass, then there is no
possibility of seeing. Is what we are saying here?

Awareness is a direct EXPERIENCE.
It is not some mental masturbation about god and
a goubledy gook like that.

>You're  defining the problem down to a much simpler, and much less interesting

UTTERLY uninteresting.

> Self-awareness is the heart of conciousness.

Yes. That is the central point.
Without awareness there is no possibility of intelligence

>We all know we're self-aware,

Not necessarily. Self conscious is not aware.
Shame of "recognizing" that you are doing something
"wrong" is not awareness at all.
It is just a byproduct of limited thought.
Subconscious drives, arising out of constant
assult on your intelligence.

> and there's no need to invoke metaphysics to
>realize that humans and many other animals can plan- which is to say they can
>create internal, counterfactual models in their mind and experiment with them.
> You seek to explain the brain as a robot with a strict mechanistic theory.

Yup, which is utter absurd from the standpoint of
the very PURPOSE of intelligence, of which we simply
have no clue, as we never even tried to inquire into it.
We gave away our freedom to the priest to decide for us
what is "good" and what is "bad".

> But
>if that's the case, who is writing this note?

Bio-robot, that is who.
Ever heard?

Ok, one more time.
Bio-robot: Biological entity,
programmed to behave according to a limited set of instructions,
based in morality ["good" and "bad" definitions],
created by the priest
to manipulate your fear and guilt
in order to collect the sin tax.

The stupid, utterly incapable of producing anything
of the real world values, and, being as cunning, as
he is, finds a nice and extremely powerful trick
to make others work for him.
All he needs is to create guilt and fear in you,
with his ideas of furious god, punishing you for
little petty things, not even worth mentioning,
and you will just bring him the money
in the form of a "sin" tax.

"You never become rich, working for others".
That much the parasitic priest knows REAL well.

>-- mike

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