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For every one scientist who dabbles in genetics

NeuronsRUs neuronsrus at aol.comccccjc
Fri Feb 19 21:22:57 EST 1999

>If you want to pass on good and healthy genes, look after children today.
>them good leisure activities and welcoming communities where they have a
>Let them be happy, have a belief and develop strong immune systems. Let them
>learn to respect all  people for ' all ' their differences
> ( even the genetic ones)

Looking after the kids won't change their genome.  Improving their immune
system won't change their genetic make-up or the genes they pass on to their
children.  Leisure activities and community support will do nothing to change
poor genetic health in the children or in THEIR children.

Talk to the sickle cell children and see if they would like a therapy for their
illness.  Talk to the children and families coping with cystic fibrosis and
tell them that merely showing them a good time and supporting them is enough. 
These are illnesses that can be addressed genetically.

You have commented on our inability to produce a "cure," but that seems a small
point.  We can't cure diabetes, but I don't see diabetics giving up insulin
because it is ONLY at therapy.

We may do much better than you suppose.  We may do much worse.  But out of
sympathy or greed (there are some motivated by each) we will not do NOTHING.


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