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Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Fri Feb 19 00:39:12 EST 1999

>...I mean specificaly the threads on non-human empathy and dolphin intelligence. 
I believe that neither for some whom some might call Gods (concerning
religions) nor about possible magic skills with which things along
Jesus line could be done, nor about enlightenment or some other Asian
energy skills nor for theories that dolphin communication might
resemble some forms of magic communication, just one ranges adapted to
carry different as it is under water,
there are many passing by here with the magic range skills to
understand much about it and judge it.

Next thingie is that of course the thought is obvious that if one were
to try to dock into the galactic internet and get someone online who
is knowing long and a lot about humans and has a subatomic range skill
that is making neuro look like little idiots maiming in persons of
other races to get advantages for persons of the own race,
that already a few minutes of data trasfer are dangerous and do not
seem right for Westies to understand. 
Their education system is not far enough and is specialized to train
children to ignore most of the own senses thata are needed to dock
into the galactic nets.
If Westies wanted their children not to  be sort of maimed and would
not want to maim persons of other races, and would not want to destroy
so many harmonies and cause so many illnesses and cancer, I guess the
others would communicate with them more, too.
If someone does not want something, I am not sure if it is right to
push him.
The data transfers that you might get from someone some might call a
god due to estimated age and powers
are maybe not that good, unless we'd want to learn a lot inside about
morals when acting with others, too.
There are very few people where I give them nearly unlimited energy
data access to my systems, and those might either registering as
magically neurtral or as healers and tend to have contact with others
I guess that the selection system that I have is resembling the
selection system of some of the others.

It is dangerous to give to much understanding about the human brain to

I guess religious stuff could be discussed here, 
only that to understand whom some call gods or to understand some of
the stuff Jesus or people in Asia might do,
I tend to need LSD range powers, good connections to the other brain
and structures there adapted and used to mine enough, and then watch
it. And then I still just might get a fraction of the subatomic data
loads that are sort of fluctuating there.

Someone could irxtlwrrks here about it for ages, and likely it would
not tell me as much as some direct transfers of some minutes or some
sessions did.

I am long enough into magic and here in this room, to know what is
interesting here, and where neuro is lagging back several thousand
years behind Earth's brain magic brain data.

Guess here you could talk about dolphins and turtles and others,
and if you manage to interest some about such enough, they might find
it nice that there are no laws keeping them from it, and cut around in
the brains of some.

Then maybe they believe they could participate far better with
neurology irxtlwrrxses in according discussions.

Would that make you more content?

>Well, annoyed as I perpetually get at some of the incorrigible nonsense
>spouters here,
Like those who are trying to reduce the brain to a load of axons,
transmitters and undifferentiated neurons,
and talk about the mind, THE consciousnesS, my soandso case, etc.,
and subatomically regarded seem to ignore most that is important about
the brain, to occasionally make theories the daftness of which I do
not recall ever to have heard from any brainsurfer?

If you do not like the nonsense spouters, there is the trick of not
downloading their texts or at least not to read them
or if reading it to wonder what made them to spout the according
nonsense and how it really is.

When Cheng once had some stuff wrong just to try to get how it really
is took me the most taxing sort of internal data processing times I
recall ever pondering, and then I gave up,
and later did some stuff when the front changed for magic perception
after the language structurer off-lined newer functions, and had
someone fluctuate that for me, and then thought about what I perceived
there, and did some candle game I mentioned here and some other stuff,
and though that is no answer concerning what he was after, for me if I
take that together, that is a lot of answers.
And again, that is nothing to discuss here for serious, though I
mentioned it.

It is more something where one can mention it, and then leave it to
people if they are willing to try it and then they could watch it
inside and in the other brain themselves.
Maybe they don't understand like some MBD folks might, but I guess if
they are not daft, it should not take more than a look at the brain at
embryo brain maps in certain months to sort of fall over some

It's like chess.
You can tell someone how to move the figures, and can make it like for
the daft, but if someone is not wanting to learn it, then afterwards
he might still go on that the horse is not really looking like a
and give you the impressions that though he might have a lot of detail
data about horses, he never got the point.

You might joke that the bishop is the ("Laeufer") runner and the
elephant, and that after a ruler nerd forbade dice games, the elephant
might date back older than the other two, 
just to get the other to say that an elephant is not a bishop and that
you are spouting nonsense. And with a weird humour you might even
enjoy that you could be or could not be, and he'd often not know
enough to know the difference.

("Check  mate  thy thinking IN THEE and NOT IN OTHERS 
and admire septally squared configurations and their potential
extensions..."  ;-)
>... we shouldn't turn a blind eye to these things. For example, the non-human empathy thread,
And literally mistaken what are the eyes to do with that?
For me empathy is magic to do with emotion generators.
For many of other races some systems I share the head with do not have
compatible data, which is already so for humans, especially seeming so
for a bunch of female programs and some humans from Africa and from
some other places.
Even if I were non-MBD were less bad in telepathy and had the
according programs trained already as an embryo and a baby I doubt
that systems of my head & body could convert some of the stuff of
others so that I really understand well what it means for them.

>... animal rights policy and terrorism
If it were for me one would do to the neuros what they did to people
of other races.
That should stop them.
If it is themselves stuck into a cages and mutilated, then they might
finally get part of it.
Before I figure that chances are less high than back then in the USA
telling a bunch of people that it is wrong to be
claiming possessions over people with black skin and calling them to
be sorts of animals and oneself not, and declaring their life and
their children possessions.

It is comfortable for the own folks, so why stop it.

It is easier to declare oneself the master race,
the First World in the Universe,
to kill others and enjoy eating them, to maim them to get data about
oneself because the others are so nicely similar in so much and so on.

I once said here that all brain surfers I lever met give areas in the
limbic system for oneself, usually with the hippocampus as a base.

Then some came in here and said that he is the hippocampus of his

Just another one of the many.

I said here that I am going from the hippocampus towards the diagonal

F.F. ages later pretended that he had not gotten it.
At some point he went on about some data distribution.
I before once had give three important centers of the mind.
Doubt he ever got it for for serious.

That' like making a description for the daft for occiptal link-through
on LSD, level 3 base stuff of telepathy (and the back is easy
accessible shareware for beginners, sort of transformer banks where
range errors are not that bad in effect if not totally blundering it)
where when having it running the what & where changes radically, and
where if interested one can fluctuate it between level 2 that is still
having a lot of seeing, and level three that can be pure "seeing", 
look a little out the others eyes if a bit more advanced, play around,
and at level nine get to the point of pretty straight parking from the
own cingulate gyrus into part of the akasha of other's, so that own
I's are sort of one area short of direct link-through, and even when
explaining some what/where's in sort of the area above the own inner
nose, some might be so fixed on stuff between the own I in
irxtlwrrkses and the transformer banks in the back of the head that
they might not get what is implied between lines.

Since suggesting to take a look at some embryo brain and the
development of the own areas and the gingulate gyrus & neocortex might
seem a little exaggerated concerning implying stuff at the
intelligence of the other, I guess that is as short as one can get of
of "you limbic energy selector, brain many areas, many what&wheres".

With the abuse of persons of other races, you can as spell it in big

However that is not the point that abusers want to get.

Or they want to get it so precise, that future dictators know how to
access and record and steer brain stuff in them or/and their ancestors
via satellite.

Steak also tastes too well, and for not enough human contact it is
easier to keep a persom of another race like some living teddy as a
prisoner or take the child from the mother to early to force binding
to oneself,
and of course for all the cancering artificial ranges and destroyed
natural harmonies more and more stuff "needs to be researched on
others" and when South America looks like the norther half of Germany
even more and when we merrily multiply and others make as much dirt as
we, then even more, and when like I guess here there are not 5O and
maybe not even 5 square kilometers of totally natural land left, even
more, ...  And therefore of course it is very important to imprison
and mutilate around in others. 

Because the own race is ever so much more worthy than other races, who
do not do such.

The worth of humans for the nature of Earth 
and for Earth & galactic harmonies 
is of course ever so much higher.

Totally justifies imprisoning persons of other races and mutilating or
killing them.

All in the name of scire, knowledge, of course, and must be straight
now, since waiting since data could be gotten with the consent of the
other subatomically in freedom  in the future is not possible,
hundreds and thousands of the other races must be imprisoned, maimed
and maybe killed, so that some of the own so precious race get

>To ignore issues surrounding policy decisions that affect how neuroscience is done
>is a BAD IDEA.

If neuro was honest they would admit how close we are to the others
and demand an official goverment and preferably population election
about the issue of person status for all with I areas, first generally
for all mammals, birds and maybe octopei and some Australian kinds and
some others.

And then humans would run run checks on all kinds kinds, maybe first
those with a hippocampus and two other traits, 
and some insects, and later for the other kinds.
And also introduce sort of estimated degree stages, as there are some
who seem to have I perception but do not seem very far, and others who
are a bit further, and then some who though they do not have the
double main I centers of mammals are distinct persons able to discern
between other persons also not of their kind,
and then some who are so far in thinking that to do stuff not in any
bio-program is quite common for them.

And if going on about I area energy access data via technology or/and
akasha surfing, if having an fraction of intelligence still in action,
an education reform would be demanded and a public discussion about
the potential dangers of further I area 
energy data research.

I find it rather typical or neurology that rather hippocampal slicing
is discussed than that all mammals and birds are persons,
and whose hippocampus that is and how he /she was murdered.

Or if abused alive more about the person abused and kept imprisoned. 

Like "the Jew" or "the Nigger" or "the Krauts / the Pots" it is "the
rat", "the cat", "the monkey"... Depersonalized, desexualized,
generalized. Already that persons where I know that the he or she is
making many differences in the personality of those whom I know, I
find it remarkable if someone is trying reduce such other persons to

>... neuroscientists should have talked
>these issues through amongst ourselves, and should each have some idea of
>what we think about them, even if we don't all agree (ideally, we won't).

So that ideally you can go on abusing persons of other races and keep
them prisoner and declare them generalized its & possessions?
Who are so neatly similar to yourself that the data neuros get by
imprisoning and abusing persons of other races can be used for the
own, that of course is ever so much better because it can think up
doing such to others, and generating surroundings that are so
unnatural and are causing that much harm to health in the first place?

>Where is this sort of dialogue going to occur if not here?

Hopefully directly in the parliaments or even more unlikly but
preferably among all the people(s).

Some neuros wanting to keep their test animals and some fearing to be
out of whatever it is that they are doing to others and maybe
eventually of their job are not going to be likely to admit where we
are in the brain and to insist themselves that finally person status
is declared officially for all mammals and birds and some others, and
that no person is a possession and that such is guarded by law. 

> Other examples are the perennial mind/brain debates, and the machine
>intelligence debates. These certainly contain enough neuroscience-related
>issues to interest me, and I'd like to see them continue here. 

(Guess there I once said which are mind areas for me, and that was
that for me. Does not change it if calling them mind areas, for me the
areas are more like organs of which some sort work in bigger units,
and some of those sector cooperations can change, following own or
another brains steering commands...)

>I think this should be an open forum, and practically any subject with
>even a passing relation to "neuroscience" (whatever that is) 
>should be tolerated.

>And now, he tells us all in a rather pushy tone what is acceptable and not acceptable
>for discussion on a Usenet group. 
He can join some others here and make a club with them.

>This kind of behaviour does not help to reduce bandwidth,
Since neuros and Westies in general are notorious for liking to be
sense censored and staying narrow band 
and operating a lot on the reflective ranges and being blind like
someone totally deeducated on transcending ranges, 
the further reduction of bandwidth even as a wish is not surprising

One of the differences between a magician and a neuro is band width

Minussing one of the other might be outright funny for folks like me
when going for comparisons.

> or to keep us focused (if that is in fact what we want). 

Us who exactly?
Your areas in the brain and the other main I, or your areas and part
of the cingulate gyrus and the connection to the front and the front
(sort of your CPU) and some other areas, or such in several brains in
different brains of different neuros + maybe a load of neocortex
stuff, or do you wish to involve what I call the sequencer as well and
shunt part of your powers to link with its CPU and run the focus on
the two CPUs interlinked, or do you mean that the PH.D.s should stay
focussed on what they believe to be very relevant, or something else?


(Yes, you are narrow band width.

... Charming as usual.

But compared to magic healers I'd be very much, too. 
Just that it seems strange to me that any one would want to stay
narrow band. Must find magic too fascinating for that and be too
interested in zarking me akasha data from non MBD brains straight and
get them eventually till where I can run stuff that causes immense
hardware alterations (sort of non-MBD partial akasha data copies) in
my systems, and for that the air between heads and heads areas are
sort of crammed with what for me are like magic cabels with which I
make our systems interface, and the mere thought that someone into the
mind is too narrow band to get the utter fascination of such is
sounding like someone into physics telling me he wishes to avoid to
understand anything below atom size. :-)

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