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rob 22rdunca19 at idt.net
Sun Feb 21 05:51:57 EST 1999

After perusing this group a bit I have to say that you have some real
loonies here.  The sad thing is... theyre dumb as well.   Oh well.  LOL

Now to my Q.  I have hydrocephalus.  (some may remember me from  several
months ago.)  I also have MS.  How frequently are white matter lesions seen
in hydro?  How can I or my neuro tell the difference?  I have been to far to
many neuros and have received way to many conflicting opinions.

My last attack was in my pons.  Can high icp affect that area?  The LP
pressure was high.  But after calling the neuros at Barrows neuro inst. they
said to never get another LP because of the possibility of coning.  (DUH!)
I also have the possibility of Arnold Chari malformation btw.  Arent I a
pretty picture?  It seems everything is on the cusp of being certain.  Yet
nothing is.

A little background I guess.  I am/was perfectly normal.  From others point
of view I suppose.  Looks, brain, behavior, interests, IQ far above normal,
etc...  But in retrospect its far to easy to correlate things that may be
unrelated.  So I suppose some things may be attributable to the hydro, but
nothing extraordinary.

Now, just how in the hell do I tell if I should have the third
ventriculostomy?  My MRIs have shown little difference in ventricle volume
since the day of its discovery.  (coming on 3 yrs, it was discovered purely
by accident btw)  I can understand periventricular lesions... but a lesion
in the pons?

 If my hydro truly is stable, even with NO third aqueduct, I am reluctant to
go under the knife obviously.  For me this is a conundrum.  I have suffered
some cognitive deterioration, but still test well above norm on neuropsych
tests.   I have even had one very well respected neurosurgeon tell me I have
a tethered spinal cord and positioning can lead to a temp coning.  ARGH!!!!

I have learned that neuro-opinions are like as&%#@$, everyone has one.  I am
not about to roll the dice, nor make the mistake of choosing one over the
other based on stature,behavior,certitude, etc...  So I am left having to
make my own decisions.  And I am the least qualified since I am not well
versed in neurology.

Here are the facts.
I have moderate to sever longstanding hydrocephalus.  Probably congenital
aquaductal stenosis.
No shunt.
No prior headaches until car accident in march of 97.
3 exacerbations of (supposed) MS.
few lesions.  3 in white matter, 1 in pons with a little bit into the grey
matter (very little), possibly one in spine (t-9)
SEVERE fatigue.  not imagined, although I wish this was a question of
sanity.  (much easier to fix, I guess the resident loons arent so bad off
eh? LOL)
Basically I lost the right half of my body in my last attck and am slowly
I am on Interferon Beta 1A, famvir (because of hhv-6s possible role in MS),
amantadin for fatigue, etc...
superior athlete  (was)

This is getting long and I am getting tired so Ill leave you with this and
pose more questions and add to the confusion at a later time.  Is there a
more appropriate ng to post this to?

And BTW... the ignorance concernig animal cognition and empathy is suprising
me.  I had never expected it from what seems like educated people.


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