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machine brains

Bloxy's Bloxy's at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 20 23:18:37 EST 1999

In article <36CF75C7.614CF0EE at banet.net>, aaron_boyden at banet.net wrote:
>Neil Rickert wrote:
>> Sorry, Aaron, but the claim is absurd.  Church's thesis is about what
>> we would consider to be computation.  It is a mathematical thesis
>> which says nothing about the real world.
>Well, not exactly.  It says that a human being can't compute any function that
> can't be
>computed by a Turing machine (well, it says that any function that's computable
> at all is
>Turing-computable, but my version follows trivially).  Given how easily any
> activity you care
>to name can be interpreted as computing a function,

Sucking full time, huh?

ANY activity?
Wow, that blow a donkey ass till it becomes the size
of empire state building.

ANY acivity?
You must be out of active neurons on line?

Expression of joy.
Is it activity?
Intuition, leading to new discoveries.
Is it activity?
Is it activity?
Is it activity?
Is it activity?
And the list goes on and on and on.
Is it computable?
Is it activity?
Is it computable.

Even you stinking philosophy.
Is it computable?
Compute why there is a need for philosophy.

Is it computable?

Oh, it is not a function, right?
Ok, proove.

Can you compute ANY of it?

What you have is purest form of absurd.
According to your sucky definition,
the life on earth would be instinct a long,
long time ago, only if you could comprehend that.

> that's a very dramatic
> result.

But you are not even looking at the wrong hole,
oh high priest of "science" of obscenity, you 
call intelligence.

>  Thus the
>efforts of, for example, Lucas to demonstrate their ability to compute
> non-Turing computable
>functions.  Unsuccessful efforts, of course, but you already knew that.

You don't even seem to comprehend that life is
not a function.
What is it a function of?
What are you trying to "compute" in life?

You see, at the end, according to your obscenities
you call science, you are just a dead pile of shit.
Is there ANY purpose in life?

Compute the meaning of life.
Compute the very necessity of biological life.

You funken can't compute ANYTHING of significance.
All you can compute is the same old beliefs
of your new religion, which you call science.
You took the place of a priest and became
a superpriest of this world of corruption
YOU helped to create and are creating every
single day, from the beginning of times.

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