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IT. To (partofthe) neuronsr (partof) us and F.F.LF

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Sat Feb 20 17:36:25 EST 1999


I find "it" correct, and after that for me it does not matter that
much which one it is (he or she), as long as else it does not make a
difference. Humans like to go by outer stuff, I am used to that, and
also to that especially womean goscared when they start to understand
in their way that once segregated far enough on LSD I am an it, and
not the main she sector.

LeFever is, like with his my soandso cases, fixed to outer stuff, and
therefore such is so important to him, but for me it registers as O.K.
if people say he, as I feel that many of the female emotion programs
are damaged or gone, and always understood men better than women,  
and usually when I write people tend to guess that I am a he.

IMO I myself are an it, and if people want to make it he or she, as
long as they do not get onto my nerves over it, it does not matter
much to me.

>> "special" knowledge.

Most special knowledge I never mentioned here, and there are no words
I know for for a lot of MBD knowledge. IMO average humans did not
understand and maybe cannot understand some of it, so they made no
words for it.

Among brainsurfers a lot is not that special, either.
But like the way Frank LeFever, Ph.D., made fun of that often I make
spelling errors, some of the others and some of them the best brain
surfers I met are ways more handicapped than I am and have serious
trouble with speaking and also there front for me registers as MBD,
and so they don't want to do with neuro, and many also do not agree
with what is done there.

You do not understand what it is like to be a limbic data selector and
without the front, and therefore maybe you do not understand what
people who understand think of what is done in neurology to persons of
other mammal races.

Neuro does not want to understand how alike we are with other mammals
without the front, and that is also why they back then wanted us to be
in the front and now come with loads of other theories, and do not
want to admit that it is no chance that Alzheimer is destroying so
much because it is I centers damaged there, and they do not want to
admit that we have own I areas in the limbic system, so that that they
can go on imprisoning, abusing and murdering persons of other races.

You can stick a load of Ph.D.s and other stuff to names and irxtlwrrks
about killings and mutilating others, but there are people who
understand well enough inside what you mean without needing to know
all the irxtlwrrkses for cutting the arm of an ape to watch if
something might grow some centimeters in the brain.

>we've learned much ... over the past couple of years.
>F. LeFever

WEing again for the universe?
BTW, IMO 2 years ago I had had some concussion about 2 months earlier
and taught myself writing O.K. enough again months later. And after
that at some point wrote stuff here, too. 
I recall that when you amused yourself about stuff to do with my bad
spelling that that was after I had worked hard to get it from as bad
as it had been after the concussion to where it was there.  

WE might make data errors.

Thou mightst simply adore my presence 
in thy wished for room censorer realm  
so deeply, that the time I shed my verbal diarrhoea upon thee
seemed more eternal to thee.

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