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To F.Frank LeFever, Ph.D. etc.

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Sat Feb 20 17:36:43 EST 1999

>>I was addressing the oft intoxicated person who rambles incoherently

Maybe there are those so sense censored and knowing so little about
sense enhancing drugs and what some can do with them, that for such
sense censored person subatomic coherence understanding might be so
remote, that what others say about the brain is incoherent.

Concussion "wake" errors excepted.
And often I leave out data on intention, as there are persons
imprisoning, abusing and murdering persons of other races, and I do
not want to do with that. 

If you wish to criticize errors, how about you list them and say how
it is instead, so that I can learn about my errors from that.

Else I might be primitive enough to assume that the aim is not to
correct mistakes but some low primitive aims instead.

>much of the time about his "special" knowledge.

Maybe also there are those who find what I write incoherent because
they never bothered to follow what I write.

I wrote explicitly that for my perception my sectors / me ain't he or
she but it,
and said which ones in the brain for me are she and he.

I do not feel like repeating that stuff,
as I figure that if it had been important to you, you would have

But in case you remembered and this is intention, how about you tell
me for the areas from hippocampal areas till diagonal band what the
difference between human males and females is, and tell me why I ain't
an it, even though to me it feels that such he/she stuff is more to do
with some of the emotion generators, a bunch of hormones and stuff in
the body.

Somehow this reminds me of the brain frying advertiser
(where I doubt he'd do so if he understood more about main she and
main he sector's subprograms and their interfacings, but I guess
comapred to generalizing entire people into my soandso case,
understanding a few thousand of their subporgrams is irrelevant, 
I mean it's just the two main centers of the psyche... Mr.Ph.D.)
after all this time pretending that he still did not get that I
perceived myself to be a limbic energy selector, especially into part
of the cingulate gyrus.

I have the impression that there is stuff that I can write tenthousand
times, and that it is less the coherence that is the problem, but more
that there are people who did not want to comprehend what I wrote 
and rather go on about whom all else of other races was kept
imprisoned, was abused and murdered by neurology, 
and do not want that we are where we are,
because makes deeds of neurology the crime the are.

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