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Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Sat Feb 20 17:36:54 EST 1999

LEZQ40C at prodigy.com (Patti Muensterman) wrote:

Did not really think about that, as I am in a hurry, but first Res

>  Could it be possible that there is a mechanism within the human brain 
>that keeps track of every cellular functioning that has ever occured 
Doubt it.
>and  the secret to slowing age and speeding up evolution 


That sounds more like slowing down, as we'd overcrowd and might have
to reduce how often we get young off-spring.

>would be to work in coordination these mechanisms with areas in the brain responsible for 
>motor functioning?

First impression is no.

Know some others (agingslowing mechanisms), and to an extent some of
them, yes, I could command the sequencer some stuff and that would
cause systems alterations elseplace, but usually to tell subprograms
of other areas commands is more important than sequencer stuff.

Maybe more go for the third emotion generator, that is where the
aggression and rankfighting programs are from, there is stuff going in
and out there and it regulates a lot,

but I myself when I did not want to age altered sort of the phase
jumping ages and delayed stuff out of natural.

Till the death jumper it might be O.K. to delay the single phases,
when the death jumper came I did mot block it, but there the systems
told me that if I had wanted that I would have to do it different, 
and that one is a tricky one.
Unless you have loads of time for delaying your death not that

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