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The Effects of Time on Medicine and Science

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Sun Feb 21 02:34:50 EST 1999

(SKIP to most, especially to those hating non-neuro babbling.)

>On a scale of 1 -100
> 0=ignorance (the begining of time) 

>100 = destructive knowledge (the end of time)
Fail to get connection.

>Where would you place mankind and why?
Don't know enough about others in the galaxy.

If what I once perceived was not a hallucination but was what I
believe it was (of alien origin), guessing how you mean the question
I'd not be sure we are over one yet or just some minute fraction of

> Keep in mind that we already
>know of the developments in the thousands of years that have gone. 
Here not, carriers of knowledge were killed by Catholics like in many
other places, in now there are just few people who can run a neat
brain transfer here. 

Concerning non-magic knowlege I heard vague tale stuff, like that once
there was a chasm with frozen stuff in it and south of it fire - land,
and sparks went into the chasm, and eventually who came from it was of
both sexes at once, and who was of that as well, and then came later
women and men.
And later was a flood, and not that long ago came the Huns from the
east and the peoples moved, and some who were of an old Indogermanic
people already smoked dope.

Or that at the roots of the world tree Yggdrasil there is are the
norns of past, present and future, and at another root is death.  

Loads of stuff like that. But nothing I know going for sure many
thousands of years backwards. The Christians did work their
destruction well here and in many other places.

There are a lot of developments where I do not have the power to
understand them yet, and I figure it would take me so many decades of
research of the energy data of so many people(s) speaking so many
languages and sometimes living in verey remote places, that I doubt
>we already know of the developments in the thousands of years that have gone
and therefore do not understand why I should keep that in mind.

>If we don't have the same to come then it's 100% certain that we are
>past 50 on the scale.

Fail to get the universal logic.

Even if there were no others in the universe we could already kill
humans on Earth I guess.

>Can we move back down the scale? 
Stop teaching the children magic, reading, writing, mathematics and
using their hands? Maybe straight not teach them languages?


>How can you stop us getting to 100 on the scale? 

Well, as a good old megalomaniac I'd say simply all of Earth makes me
Earth reformer, and after the education systems were reformed, Social
Individualism is accepted and if it works well,
if persons of other races no longer get treated like possessions but
like persons and in decent ways,
people got less children, artificial ranges and other shit don't
disturb anymore, the magic channels blocked by the artificial ranges
are open again, and a load of other stuff like that, I guess when
humans all seem far enough, the AL stuff might become interesting once
all give their O.K. for it, and maybe we can ask for how to create
friend-minds to link us into the universe and if not getting an answer
try to work maybe millions of years till we area pretty sure that whom
we make is not going to suffer from too many errors,
and either straight or maybe they can make us friend minds to link us
into the galaxies.

And if from the sort of galactic internets we should get enough stuff
and enough of us turn bad again, then I guess if you want this to be
50 after some system I do not get, then we might end at thousands or
millions or more.   ;-)

>To a greater 
How great exactly?
>species who would considered time in relation to the 
>begining and the end of mankind, we may be considered as the most
>dangerous generation. 

I did not get why some alien or whomever would consider time in
relation to some violent monkeys in some maybe far off galaxy doing
their territory techno aping on some insignificant planet.

Who is telling you that not maybe like some magician said the galaxy
clusters are making some sphere and that there are other spheres?
(Though I would have guessed it might also be more disc-like 
like some galaxies, only bigger style and different shape).

And that someone might be counting it times by the turns of something
that they are making?

You remind me of something on an electron believing that people on
another planet in another sun system in another galaxy in another
galaxy cluster must stare at it and it's atom and orient their time
perception by what is happening concerning it.

And I don't get why we should be the most dangerous generation.
I mean, if people in the USA and some others go one like that maybe
eventually someone has enough and sees to terminate the akasha
disharmonizing source before too many harmonies in the galaxy are
messed up, but I hope just messing like now is not upsetting anyone
elseplace than this solar system for serious.

>Whilst we gained knowledge and insight into the workings of life, we
>have lost the philosophy and faith needed to deal with it. 

What is the faith bit needed for?

BTW, concerning insights, here most are sense censored.

>It is in essence, the difference between a child and an adult driving a
I am not sure I got that one.
There are children where I'd rather have them drive my car than some
of the adults I know.

>1= scientist    2= substance     3 = time     4 = enthusiatic sales   5 = Why?
>6 = science  

>1 + 2  = therapy 
Don't why 1+2 = therapy
>= big profits

>1 + 2 + 3 = truth = low profits, big personal rewards.
Again, why should 1+2+3 keep from lying and warping what is perceived,
especially if sense censored and not even using a few dozens of the
own senses?

>5 = 0 X 3     ( must not effect the outcome of 1 + 2)

>Ahhh, but that's not what it's really about is it ?  $$$$$ (and pounds)
>                      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

>Does your  vision go into the future ?

Well, mine not, but today there was another who told me about (her
mother) perceiving into the future.
Keep hearing such.

With the past I still have a vague inner concept how that might work
but with the future I do not get it, contradictive as that might

>Are you presumptuous enough to believe that what you have
>today is the panacea for other generations?
No idea what panacea is.

>Our power over our own health is more destructive now
> than in any other generation. 

Record times of this century for "natural" self-induced death (like
sitting down to die) was around  twelve hours from India and a day
from Australia.

Why should others in India or other places in other centuries not have
been as fast or faster?

If I had some Indian self control freak in the past whose been
sworking on his systems control for decades fanatically in the past
I'd not bet on that he might not have had powers that today none has.

>Unless people learn to see their part in the existance of time
>as more than the generation they are in,  then there will never
>be cures. 

Might depend on which level cure we are talking about.

Personally I find the effects of time less important on medicine than

But if going for time and medicine
I guess the future is in subatomic accessings for alterations of
In akasha surfing with other brains on sense enhancers  I had the
impression that I just get a fraction of what is going on in the
brain. I assume that similar to such telepathic connections, there
might be a certain delay problem if one were to do something like that
with machines or cybermagically.

Usually when I want to lower the baud rate between brains I pull and
go for rather beamlike connections between the brains,
but IMO there is only so and so much pull that is O.K. for non-trained
or sick systems of a brain, and therefore I guess that though such
might be used to lower the speed of exchanged data, there are limits
to that.

Maybe there are other ranges that are better suited and yet not that

Or maybe time is not that important, and it is better that even if it
takes longer that the tunings are soft for the brain & body that is
operated because I guess if they feel better then the whole might go

But I guess such is for future generations and not for an age where
maniacs are throwing bombs into a capital, forcing artificial ranges
through people and don't care if they die of cancer  
nor if they are blocking so many access ranges into the galaxy for
others, and destroy nature like the biggest plague that ever was.

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