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Michael Edelman mje at mich.com
Mon Feb 22 07:51:44 EST 1999

Malcolm McMahon wrote:

> What we've actually seen is the phylosophers move the goalposts of
> "Intelligence" each time AI advanced. Playing chess used to be regarded
> as an excellent test of intelligence until computers starting to beat
> people at it. The Turing Test started to look a little shakey when Eliza
> came along and had to be tightened up.

The problem with this argument is that what you describe was never the case. Chess
has long been realized to be a problem with a  solution- not a game. Being such, it
only awaited fast enough computers. If we had much, much faster computers, chess
could be solved through a brute-force solution, trying every possible outcome.

And the "Turing test" has never been a proof of intelligence. As you note,
Weitzbaum showed that a very small and crude program like "Eliza" could fool a lot
of people without anything that would be called intelligence.

-- mike

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