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Brain utilization

Sergio Navega snavega at ibm.net
Thu Feb 25 07:00:45 EST 1999

David B. Held wrote in message <36D3BEFD.33AA at uswest.net>...
>  I'm "Bill Gates" that asked the neurotransmitter question before (I
>was on a public computer).  Thanks for all the comments...they were
>quite informative.  I have a pretty simple question that's kind of
>bugged me for quite some time.  If it's in a FAQ somewhere, please send
>me the location.  You hear a common citation that we only use 10% of our
>brain.  Where does that come from, and what do they mean by "use 10%"?

This nonsense is still with us, unfortunately. Believe me, I have a
tape recording of a very known "creativity specialist" that says that
we use just 3% of our brain! Holy silliness!

Some time ago, I heard that this 10% rubbish appeared as a misinterpretation
of an experiment done around the 1950's. It seems that one neuroscientist
electrically stimulated the brain of a monkey and perceived that 90%
of the points produced some kind of physical reaction. Doing that same
experiment with a human brain, he obtained physical reactions only for
10% of the points tested. Some smart journalist seems to have taken
that info and (as is usual) added his own silly interpretation and
published it.

If we sit down in the field and look to a mountain, we would be using,
just with our vision, probably more than 20% of the brain (visual cortex
alone occupies 25% of our brain), let alone all the thoughts that come to
our mind in such a pleasant environment.

No matter what the "creativity guys" say, we use already a lot of our
brain and we should look for ways of using it *better*, not more.

Sergio Navega.

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