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activity-dependent plasticity in the adult

david_olmsted at my-dejanews.com david_olmsted at my-dejanews.com
Fri Feb 26 07:12:57 EST 1999

In article <36D62161.C0516F1 at unf.edu>,
  jander at unf.edu wrote:
> Hi all
> In the adult primate brain, does neuronal activity always induce
> plasticity in the vicinity of the active neurons?  I have done a MEDLINE
> search, but would have to pore over more papers than I have access or
> time to, and I suspect that somebody on this newsgroup knows the answer,
> or at least has an opinion about it.  I would appreciate any relevant
> comments, opinions, and, especially, citations.
> Thanks
> John Anderson
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> John E Anderson
> Department of Natural Sciences
> University of North Florida
> Jacksonville FL


I suspect that neural connections exist in a state of dynamic equalibriium
based upon their relative activity levels within certain constraints such as
chemical gradients. For a good review see:

Shatz, Carla, J. (1990) Impulse Activity and the Patterning of Connections
during CNS Development. Neuron 5:745-756

Interestingly this plasticity seem to be based upon the James - Hebbian rule
in which both the input neuron and its target neuron must be activated nearly
simultaneously. For normal adaptive operations the James - Hebb rule does not

David Olmsted

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