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Brief summary of aspartame toxicity studies 2.24.99

Stefano Ferri dario at no_frogs_cc.oulu.fi
Fri Feb 26 06:37:58 EST 1999

On Thu, 25 Feb 1999 12:41:50 -0500, Brian Wagner <bwagner at mr.picker.com> wrote:
>"Richard T. Murray" wrote:
>> Feb. 24, 1999    Brief summary of aspartame toxicity studies
>> I am writing this as a simple summary of the complex and bitter
>> aspartame (NutraSweet, Equal) toxicity debate...this  public health issue.  
>Yep, that Nutrasweet'll fry your brain, and don't forget that Olestra,
>you'll crap your guts out.  Don't eat Chinese food or the MSG will
>scramble your DNA.  Same thing with that fluoride in the drinking water
>- it's all an insidious plot to corrupt our purity of essence, right
>general?  And you know where they get all this stuff from?  A secret
>processing plant at Area 51.  Of course there's nothing but a few
>anecdotes to support it; they bought everyone else's silence.  I've said
>too much already - there's a black helicopter hovering over the house.
>Fox Mulder
>Roswell, NM

I must confess that, myself, I never understand
whether these posts with warnings against some
company (Nike and Nestle seem to be at the first
places in the list) have any connection with
something real or are they just made by paranoids
or by other companies but in any case I don't
understand your sarcasm in this case.
I am pretty sure (please correct me if I write
anything wrong) that in countries like Sweden
Aspartame did not pass toxicity tests and it is
not on the market. I don't know why it happened
but, whatever the reason, sarcasm does not change
reality. I'd rather like to read some study on why
use anything which is has any, even minimal,
possibility to be toxic. Or do you think that
people can argue about a product or a company only
after some evidence like Bayer's phocomelic
cildrens (is the spell correct?) or Union Carbide's 

Best regards,

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