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machine brains

dmb106 dmb106 at york.ac.uk
Sat Feb 27 06:53:19 EST 1999

On Tue, 16 Feb 1999, Michael Edelman wrote:

> > >Does the brain think or does the mind?

The brain does the thinking. From a functional point of view all the
aspects of you actions are just computations. The kind of computations
that you brain is good at. The fact that what we call the self aware
aspect of this comuptation mind is not to confuse the matter. 

> > >Can the brain think without a mind?

That question is meaningless when you abandon the idiotic idea of mind
brain dualism. From whithin dualism, this question is a major
stumbling block. It forms one of the major arguments about why dualism
is bunk.

> > >Does the hardware run the software or does the software run the hardware?

Both. Its an N.N. The specifics of the hardware is the software.

> > The brain thinks, the soul (mind) is aware of the thoughts.


> > We can understand a brain that thinks without a mind. Whether or not a brain
> > that thinks must support (or might support) a soul (mind) is beyond the
> > capabilities of the human brain. It is better not to spend any time thinking
> > on that question.

There you have it, Ray the dualist dosn't want to think about the
question. Why is that ray? Is is because it is one of the biggest
problems dualist have to deal with? I have never heard an answer to
satisfy me yet.  

Throw out dualism.


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