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Brief summary of aspartame toxicity studies 2.24.99

Steph nospam at thankyou.mam
Fri Feb 26 19:20:33 EST 1999

Haakon Rian Ueland wrote in message <36d731c1.0 at news.jancomulti.com>...
>Let me tell you, Dave: there has never been performed a double-blind study
>which has confirmed that falling from the roof on a skyscraper onto the
>pavement will kill you. Never. Therefore, this belief that falling a few
>hundred meters without a parachute is purely anecdotal, and there is no
>for you to regard it at all.

I agree, but there is a wrinkle in the argument. There is plenty of hard
scientific evidence from innumerable experiments which predicts that a
falling body will accelerate at 32 feet per sec per sec until terminal
velocity, and there are perfectly sound scientific reasons for deducing what
the would be the effects of a human body at terminal velocity hitting a
concrete pavement. There is also observational data from occasions when it
has happened.
For many alternative treatments, for instance,  there is neither any good
scientific data NOR any sound scientific reasons for supposing that they
will have the effects which are claimed by proponents.

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