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Brief summary of aspartame toxicity studies 2.24.99

Haakon Rian Ueland tunesmith.NO at SPAM.email.com
Sun Feb 28 14:15:07 EST 1999

You are truly starting to piss me off, Mr Rosenberg! You accuse me of
trolling - and say that my ISP, a cablecompany called Janco Multicom, is
short for MLM. Have you even bothered to check out www.jancomulti.com? Janco
happens to be the largest cable-tv-company in Norway.

You also mail me privately making accusations. This is commonly called
unsolicited mail, and I have made two complaints to your vanity ISP,

I don't know which newsgroup you read. Therefore, I have posted this to
all - just like you do, in your unfounded belief that I am out to make money
from some sugarsubstitute.

Should people who have views contrary to yours not be allowed to post to

Also, you complain about me using bandwidth. AFAIK, when you crosspost, the
msg only has to be replicated once between newsservers. If you should post
to each group separately, the messages will have to be replicated several
times - wasting bandwidth.

Besides - if you had bothered to remove some of the quoted messages, you
would've done a real effort towards saving bandwidth. Not that it matters -
streaming audio and video take up much more than newsgroup-postings.

If you mail me privately once more, I will consider it an attack on my
privacy, and will take the necessary measures.

And, Ted, are you really so frustrated you have to SHOUT in all your privat
mails? Childish, totally contrary to netiquette and damned stupid.

I consider this conversation closed and hope I never hear from you again.

Ted Rosenberg wrote in message <36D96416.121BDAA6 at iname.com>...
>To all groups cross-posted
>The putative Mr. Ueland is spamming all of these news groups from a
>domain based in Oslo called Janco Multi.  In line with his gross
>crossposting, and his support of known false materiel, I would be fairly
>certain that "Multi" stands for "Multi level Marketing".
>If he were for real, he would not be filling the bandwidth, just posting
>to one newsgroup at a time.
>This post is across all, so be sure to remove all of the crosspostings
>if you feel it is necessary to answer me (or just discuss my post on
>your group)  If you just hit <reply>, or <reply all> on your newsreader,
>you may create unwanted cross posts.  Unless I find out something
>extremely interesting, I will only post replies to individuals, or on
>single NG's which I follow.
>Fight SPAM and fraud !!!
>> From:

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