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Sun Jan 3 21:19:51 EST 1999

Eugene Leitl wrote:
> [...]
> This is off-topic for bionet.neuroscience, but there are things like
> true randomness (from quantum noise) and then there is nonpredictable
> determinism. The latter meaning: yes, the system is deterministic, and
> no, I can't predict what its state will be at t+n without going
> through the same tedium of the statespace evolution as the system you
> want to skry about. Phase space regions with strongly divergent
> Hamiltonians, short of infinite precision, are intrinsically nonsimulable.
> So, in a sense you're fencing with phantoms. Free will vs. no free
> will should be burned on Tomaso de Aquinas heap of straw, to not tempt
> modern Buridanuses to spin it into gold. Or something like that.

The notion of there being "true randomness" in "quantum noise" (along
with "uncertainty" and "quantum weirdness") is falacious, deriving in
the methodology of QM, and not in Physical Reality.

Even bacteria "know" this much :-) ken collins

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