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> I agree with Stephen's concise conclusion on this same thread.

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That folks say this or that does not dictate to Physical Reality what it
shall be.

The best we can do is invoke experimental evidence. Our conclusions are
acceptable to the degree that they coincide with all available
experimental evidence.

As I discussed in my prior post, in this, is the necessity of being able
to describe the "states" of all "atoms" in the universe, and to
calculate instantaneously with respect to such, if one is to know the
fact that the Universe is deterministic.

That calculation is impossible, and thus, we are not only Free to
Choose, we can only Choose, and must Choose.

Short of knowing the fact that the Universe is deterministic, one can
deal with all available experimental evidence, and see in it, that all
available experimental evidence agrees with the hypothesis that the
Universe is deterministic. To the degree that one remains within the
physical boundaries of delimited by all available experimental evidence,
such provides one with a reliable guide to with respect to the necessity
of Choice.

Without knowing the "states" of all "atoms" within the Universe, and
being able to calculate instantaneously with respect to such, all talk
of absence of Free Will is just "wishful thinking", and a dreary sort of
"wishful thinking", at that. ken collins

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