Pribam quotes, please help

Thiele Everett m9233 at
Tue Jan 5 14:43:34 EST 1999

Please excuse me if this is not the right place to
post this question.

I am translating a book from Swedish into English which 
includes a couple of short quotations by Karl Pribam (In Swedish). 
It would seem flakey to me to just translate them back into 
English, rather than finding the original quotes and
using them. But living where I do, I don't have access to a good 
library and I'm in a hurry.

So, does anyone recognize these sentences and terms
provisionally translated back into English? And could 
anyone provide me with the actual quotations and 
references to where they are from? (They sound like
they could be from a talk) 

Something like:

"In the holographic state -- in the zone of frequencies -- maybe four
thousand years ago is tomorrow" 

and, perhaps from the same text:

"Don't think I understand all this either" 

He uses terms like: "the holographic state/condition" ?
                    "the frequency area/zone/region" ?

and possibly:       "the holographic paradigm"

Are these right?

Many, many thanks if anyone can get me the exact quotations.
Pls reply by e-mail.


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