Mechanisms of Grandiosity

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Mon Jan 4 19:55:40 EST 1999

Cijadrachon wrote:

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> >kkollins at writes:
> >... you'll find that =after= the Gulf War (which was Necessity),
> What was Necessity about that?

Ask the folks in Kuwait, whose land he ordered occupied, whose wealth he
ordered stolen, whose people he ordered murdered.

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> >>Saddam Hussein =Deserves= to Fall =Hard= for his Murderous Ravaging of
> >>the People of Kuwait, and his attempt to Dictate to the whole Arab
> >>World...
> What nonsense are you babbling?

It's a no-brainer. See the above. Hussein failed to comprehend the
Humanity of all folks in the Gulf Nations, and the Humanity of his own
people. Rather than holding the needs of his own people in his "heart",
he's =still= using even the CHildren of Iraq as a Coward's lever, in an
effort to seek his own ends. The man cannot even think a thought that
embraces Humanity. All he can think of is his personal game of "chess".

Why does he have this problem?

He murders anyone who disagrees with him, so all he gets for "advise" is
the B. S. that's required of folks if they simply want to survive.

> I do not recall any attempt of him to dictate norther African nor most
> other Arab places.

He was already threatening Saudi Arabia... he assaulted Saudi
territority with scuds. If he'd not been stopped in Kuwait, he'd have
attacked other Gulf Nations indescriminantly.

> But since you seem convinced of that would you tell me in how many
> Arab places apart from Kuwait be tried?
> And if his first language is Arabic?

Murder is its own language.

> If you are looking for Murderous Ravagings I recommend texts of
> Amnesty International about the USA police,
> and if you are looking for peoples occupied by force and killing, I
> recommend to study the occupied lands of Red Indians of North America.

The Tragedy of the Native Americans is a Sorrow. There is =much= work
needed here in the United States of America. If you haven't noticed, I'm
doing everything I can with respect to such. I've given my Life to
lifting-up This Nation.

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> If the UN had any brains at all they'd apolgize to the people of Iraq,
> offer to send volunteers with the reconstruction, make holiday
> programs for people wishing to meet other people (especially in
> Britian and the USA) and receive them back for visits, and request
> Iraq if they could send teacher to the people and children of Britain
> and the USA to learn their language to prevent future wars and
> misunderstandings by the people coming to understand each other
> better.

Look, man, Hussein could, in relatively short order, lift-up the People
of Iraq. All he'd have to do is submit to prosecution for the Illegal
War he Chose to wage upon Innocents. The world community would rush to
the aid of the People of Iraq.

Get it straight, a Murderous Jackass Child Abuser is a Murderous Jackass
Child Abuser. K. P. Collins

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