thought on I & me

Cijadrachon cijadra at
Tue Jan 26 22:00:30 EST 1999


>Dennet says, every day you are a new "I" (the mind); the mind is just an
>artifact of your working brain.

Dennet is a headblind, and that is why he is confusing the mind with
undifferentiated I.
The own I areas are part of the mind, but the mind areas are not all
part of the own I areas  though they might be receiving so many
signals from other areas of the mind, that there are many people who
cannot discern the own I from the rest.
The I areas are to do with hardware, and if you use software, as long
as  you are not saying what you are meaning within the brain 
to me it just sounds like nonsense the way you used it,
the same as consciousness in singular does when referring  to stuff
within the  human head undifferentiated.

In this room I do only recall one who might be able to tell you a bit
about a (hippocampal) I area, not sure I remember  his name right, as
I am pretty bad with names, but I believe it was Norman T.

If you find him and you can "see" and do not consider that dangerous
then maybe lay a kind siege to him and ask him if  you may do so into
his brain.

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