It's primitive; it's dumb (PLAUSIBLE definitions?)

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Fri Jul 16 09:20:43 EST 1999

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  Jim Balter <jqb at> wrote:
> Wolfgang Schwarz wrote:
> >
> > in general, you
> > shouldn't talk to people who you've just plonked... ;-)
> Ah, but it's just fine to talk about people and their private
> communications if you think they won't hear it, eh?

Based on the following post (apparently before Wolfgang Schwarz
stated that you had plonked him), I wasn't entirely sure that he had
reported a private communication of plonking:

In article <378B4DB2.AAB14DD6 at>,
  Jim Balter <jqb at> wrote:
> Wolfgang Schwarz wrote:
> >
> > hi Jim,
> >
> > you don't seem to be particularly open to views other than your own,
> > but let's give it a try anyway...
> This is about as direct an expression of hypocrisy as I can imagine.
> I will proceed no further with you.

However, you can hardly expect both to be rude to someone in a
private communication and to have them show you the courtesy of
protecting the privacy of your communication.  And I think "plonking"
someone is being rude to them, whether it is justified or not.  Aside
from discussing a private e-mail in public (which he has now
apologized for), it seems to me that Wolfgang Schwarz's posts
in this thread have been far more courteous than yours.


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