Brain usage....male and female????

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Just one small aside, triggered by  reference to estimates of energy
consumption (far, far, below): recent study (in Proc Nat Acad Sci? 
possibly Nature??) suggests that RELATIVE changes in metabolic rate may
be misleading as indices of cognitive or sensory activitation;
increases are to a certain critical level, most obvious if basal state
is low (e.g. in anaesthesia), perhaps difficult to detect if activity
already near that level.

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In <v04210107b3b4f1bf8933@[]> rhall at (Richard
Hall) writes: 
>Cruise through life...are you a tenured full professor with a funded
chair? ;-)
>Programmed cell death is part of life and it is not surprising that 
>neurons and synaptic connections change throughout a life span.  Lets 
>play a numbers game.
>If at age 15 one typically uses a fixed percentage of neurones 
>(organized in circuits), it stands to reason that as cells die, some 
>of the redundant circuits are lost.  If there is a finite number of 
>circuits needed for a function, the percentage of neurones would 
>conceivably increase (15 of 92 versus 15 of 100.)  Hence, I use a 
>greater percentage of my ebbing brain capacity today than yesterday. 
>Coincidently, I have fewer nephrons, islet cells, patent capillary 
>beds, and muscle fibers.  When I am in my dottering 90's I will 
>likely be using everything and anything I can to waddle to the head, 
>to the table, and to my computer screen where I will suck lemon drops 
>to provoke my three remaining salivary glands to moisten my dried old 
>mouth.  100% efficiency may not be all it is cracked up to be, but 
>I'm not giving up until I get it perfect, even if it takes me another 
>100 years.
>We use all of our brain cells in a somewhat orderly fashion, from time
to time.
>  A PET scan can be used to monitor metabolic activity of neurones in 
>the brain.  Cells in use expend more energy than cells at rest.  The 
>distinctive patterns of activity associated with specific tasks 
>demonstrate the involvement of untold neurons, many of which are not 
>active most of the time.   An area that is consistently inactive 
>typically reflects a pathology.   But virtually every neuron in the 
>brain remains metabolically active and functional, unless it becomes 
>isolated, impoverished of nutrients and synaptic inputs.
>Our conscious levels and intellectual capacities vary from time to
>Clearly our brain has a range of calculating "gears".  Most of us 
>experience heightened awareness and intellectual prowess following 
>modest stimulation by caffeine.  Abuse of amphetamines is associated 
>with accelerated powers of calculation that eventually overload and 
>precipitate a deep and profound depression. The immense emotional 
>"kick" that results from the ability to think underpressure  reflects 
>the adaptive capacity of our brains from moment to moment.
>In calculating basal metabolic rates, it is generally assumed that 
>ion pumps consume about 600 Kcal per day.  Every neuron in the body 
>needs pumps to maintain ionic asymmetries.  It would be a waste to 
>spend all that energy on cells that are not needed.  We use every 
>cell in our body, we use every neuron, but not all at the same time...
>Men vs Women ;-)
> From a developmental perspective, female is the default course of 
>human development (turtles too.)   Males lack the genetic information 
>needed to be female.   It astounds me that women keep harping about 
>our loutish ways...we are the victims of evolution.  Males are the 
>victim of thousands of generations of mate selection- women do choose 
>their mates- that we have arrived at this sorry state.  We have 0.5% 
>less genetic information at our disposal (Y versus X chromosomes.)
>Now 0.5% does not seem like much, but it happens to be a very 
>important 0.5%.   The gene for dropping the toilet seat is X linked. 
>We need to be bigger because we need the additional mass because 
>redundancy does not win arguments.   We are so inefficient, we need 
>larger salaries to get by.  Have you priced 15 inch high profile 
>radials lately?  Whew!  Men buy pickups because the smaller passenger 
>area means fewer folks to entertain or keep track of.  Women are 
>smarter and have raised male anxieties to the uptight point where we 
>whistle when we pass air.
>enjoy your weekend.
>>Richard Hall (rhall at wrote:
>>: This is getting nowhere, slowly and painfully.
>>: If one assumes that natural selection acts on phenotypes resulting
>>: improved fitness, it seems reasonable to assume that anything not
>>: contributing to fitness would be eliminated.
>>I think that part of the idea that we need only 10 % blahblahblah, is
>>at some point you might need 100%, while you are developing and
>>connections, but once all the circuitry is established and you just
>>through life, you only need 10% of what is there. Consider the
>>scientifically established fact that the majority of your connections
>>even neurons disappear between fetal stage and teenage years.
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